Toni Kroos Has A Decision To Make: Re-Sign With Bayern Munich Or Demand A Transfer To Manchester United

Prior to Tuesday night’s UEFA Champions League quarter-final in Manchester, Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told German media that midfielder Toni Kroos will not be leaving the club this summer. When asked about the 24-year-old’s future, Rummenigge replied: “Toni Kroos is sure to wear Bayern Munich’s shirt next year.”

Pep Guardiola echoed his chairman’s words when he was asked about the prospects of Kroos’ departure.

“Toni [Kroos] has one year more of a contract and Toni will remain. I spoke with him [Kroos], with the club, I have my opinion. After that, I am not manager, I am just the trainer. I hope he can extend his contract and stay with us.”

Kroos has been heavily linked with a move to the Premier League, more specifically to Manchester United. Today’s statements from officials at the German club will be unsettling to United fans and has more than likely put a dent into David Moyes’ summer transfer plans.

The only options Manchester United has now are to wait for Kroos’ contract with Bayern Munich to run down (the midfielder’s contract expires in 2015) and sign him on a free transfer, continue to negotiate with Bayern Munich over a transfer fee (which would have to be astronomical) or give up on the pursuit of Kroos altogether.

Bayern Munich is a club with a wealth of money. The newly crowned Bundesliga champions have shown in the past that they are not afraid to let player’s contracts run down (i.e. Michael Ballack left on a free transfer to Chelsea in 2006). The Bundesliga giants also have a wage structure in place and have stated recently that they won’t break it for any player.

A few months ago, honorary president Beckenbauer had this to say regarding the negotiations between Bayern Munich and Toni Kroos: “You have to make a decision as a club when someone’s demands are going through the roof. There is not a single player who’s worth changing your entire wage structure for. Nobody’s indispensable. If the player wants to stay at Bayern, I can only advise him not to overplay his hand.”

Kroos had asked Bayern for an increase in wages to put him on the same level as Ribery, Schweinsteiger and Lahm on the Bayern Munich wage structure. Kroos currently earns less than Mario Gotze and Thiago Alcantara — two players Bayern brought in last summer.

But it’s apparent the club has a number in mind as to the player’s value, which isn’t acceptable to Kroos and his agent. With that said, Kroos must either accept the club’s valuation or attempt to force its hand.

Toni Kroos has a decision to make regarding his future: re-sign with Bayern Munich or demand a transfer to Manchester United in the summer.

Kroos has a £30m buy-out clause in his contract, which Manchester United is reportedly willing to meet; United is also reportedly willing to offer the midfielder £250k-per-week to leave the German giants. But Bayern Munich has shown that they are willing to leave the £30m on the table and force Kroos to play out the remainder of his contract.

So Toni Kroos’ options are clear: sign a new deal with his club or attempt to disrupt the hierarchy by demanding a move to Manchester United.

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12 thoughts on “Toni Kroos Has A Decision To Make: Re-Sign With Bayern Munich Or Demand A Transfer To Manchester United”

    1. I think United’s history speaks for itself. I think the reason top players won’t come here is because of the manager. If we had say Pep, Kloppo, or Mourinho at the helm we could get top players in the summer. City certainly proved the Ucl argument wrong but they had a good manager in Mancini.
      The way I see it the manager is the most important part of player recruitment. I’d rather play for Pep under This same exact United team rather than Moyes with the same exact Bayern team. Good point though Guy. It’s a bit generous to say shambles. Spurs have been in shambles all season long with an inferior team yet they took 4 points off United. United have been much worse. Apocalyptic would be a better term.

    2. Total BS. Players move for money regardless of manager or Champions League, just look at all the players that signed for PSG the year before when they were battling for the title with no Champions League. United has just never paid until now. Think of it, all these years and Mata is the most expensive signing for United?? Chelsea spent 50 million euros for Torres 2 years ago!! It’s all about the cash, if United is willing to spend, players will come, it’s that easy.

      1. Good point.

        United all but had Lucas Moura signed a few years ago until PSG came in late and bought him.

        Moura admitted that he signed with PSG because they let him stay an extra year in Brazil and “they paid me more”.

  1. It all depends on what Kroos values more, extra wages or playing in the Champions League every year but not getting what he wants as wages. United are not going to be in the Champions League next season and there’s no guarantee they will be in it the following season either. Bayern can offer Champions League football every year.

    He could always stay at Bayern till his contract runs out and then go to any club that meets his wage demands and that also can offer him Champions League football.

    So his choices are not just Bayern or United.

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