WATCH Tim Sherwood Post-Match Interview; Admits Players Aren’t Improving Under His Watch [VIDEO]

Tottenham Hotspur manager Tim Sherwood was about as downbeat during his post-match interview as he seemed to be sitting in the stands at Anfield today. No passion. No conviction. No ideas. Clueless.

In the post-match interview, Sherwood’s lack of emotion makes him sound like a man who has already given up. And judging by his team’s display against Liverpool today, his body language on the bench, and his post-match interview, the sooner Daniel Levy makes a change to remove Sherwood, the better.

During the interview, Sherwood explains why he sat motionless during the game and didn’t come off his seat, as well as admitting that the Tottenham players aren’t improving under his watch.

Watch the interview now:

Meanwhile, here’s video footage of Tottenham fans singing “Where is our manager?” during the game versus Liverpool, where Tim Sherwood seemed to be just a face in the crowd.

4 thoughts on “WATCH Tim Sherwood Post-Match Interview; Admits Players Aren’t Improving Under His Watch [VIDEO]”

  1. These are dark, dark days for Spurs fans. Management this year has been horrendous, the seven signings that replaced Bale have been woeful and the attitude on the pitch is a disgrace. Until Levy and the entire management gets replaced I don’t see it getting any better.

    Get in a temp and play all the youth players for the season. Let them show some heart. What’s there to play for anyway? Also, get rid of everyone but Eriksen and Lloris and let’s have a complete reboot. I’m fine with mid table mediocrity for the next few seasons. It’s better than getting your hopes up with being a “nearly team” the past few years.

  2. This isn’t Spurs. After 32 years of supporting them I’ve never been less passionate about any Spurs side, which is saying something. There’s no identity to this team.

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