Roberto Soldado Dismisses Post-Match Rumors And Urges Tottenham to Fight Together

Tottenham Hotspur striker Roberto Soldado has responded to the rumors circling around the club after today’s 4-0 defeat against Liverpool.

Twitter went into a tailspin today with a handful of unofficial fan accounts claiming that Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood was involved in a post-match altercation with one of his players in the Anfield changing room. There were also unconfirmed rumors that Sherwood had been sacked.

While his demeanor during today’s game against Liverpool was dour and without passion, Sherwood (for better or worse) is still Tottenham’s manager.

Striker Roberto Soldado, who was stretchered off the pitch after suffering a bad knock, responded to the rumors post-match by stating:

“[It was a] bad game today and our options to reach Champions League decrease. It is time now, more than ever, to fight together. Rumors do not benefit [anyone] at all, and everything that has been said is absolutely false.”

Tottenham will need to pick up the pieces and focus on its next match, which is Monday, April 7 at home against Sunderland.

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