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Roberto Soldado Dismisses Post-Match Rumors And Urges Tottenham to Fight Together

roberto soldado Roberto Soldado Dismisses Post Match Rumors And Urges Tottenham to Fight Together

Tottenham Hotspur striker Roberto Soldado has responded to the rumors circling around the club after today’s 4-0 defeat against Liverpool.

Twitter went into a tailspin today with a handful of unofficial fan accounts claiming that Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood was involved in a post-match altercation with one of his players in the Anfield changing room. There were also unconfirmed rumors that Sherwood had been sacked.

While his demeanor during today’s game against Liverpool was dour and without passion, Sherwood (for better or worse) is still Tottenham’s manager.

Striker Roberto Soldado, who was stretchered off the pitch after suffering a bad knock, responded to the rumors post-match by stating:

“[It was a] bad game today and our options to reach Champions League decrease. It is time now, more than ever, to fight together. Rumors do not benefit [anyone] at all, and everything that has been said is absolutely false.”

Tottenham will need to pick up the pieces and focus on its next match, which is Monday, April 7 at home against Sunderland.

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12 Responses to Roberto Soldado Dismisses Post-Match Rumors And Urges Tottenham to Fight Together

  1. JSlip1 says:

    None of it would surprise me. Sherwood sat upstairs the entire match and showed little interest, including answering at least one phone call. It’s disappointing. We all hoped that somehow the new acquisitions with proper coaching would mesh well and put us back in the top 4, but alas, it’s highly doubtful.

  2. Nelson says:

    Fans want Sherwood out so I could see them starting this rumor. Sherwood being irate at his players after the game when he was sitting 90 minutes in the stands emotionless doesn’t add up either.

    BTW, Lennon twitted this evening that TS did not “punch” a player as is being reported.

    This team certainly could use a kick up the ass. Apparently players were laughing in the locker room after the Chelsea capitulation. Spurs need a manager with a lot of experience someone that the players respect ( Louis Van Gaal). TS may mean well but he has lost it.

  3. Remy says:

    Bring back AVB!

  4. Chris B Waters says:

    Funny, but today, as a fan, I expected us, for the first time ever, to take a thrashing. And yes we did (doh..yet again), although chances early on were missed by us which could have put us back in the game, and made it a lot closer.
    But the thing is that our top four hopes realistically went when Arsenal put us out of our misery at the Lane a few weeks back. It’s been a horrible season! The worst I can remember for many years, despite us still hovering around the top six. And made even more horrendous by the fact we’ve had all this expectation over recent years. This was supposed to be our breakthrough year, but in fact, with all the heavy defeats, I’ve never known anything as bad (although I’m sure I have) in all my 50 years as a Spurs fan. It’s like we’ve been playing through treacle this season. Even when we play well, we don’t look capable of scoring goals ..and when we play badly, it’s all so indescribably horrific. When we played Arsenal at the Emirates in that 2nd or 3rd match in, I thought we looked strong with all our new players, but ponderous and predictable. Give it time, I thought, but the lack of creativity and pace on both flanks worried me. We’ve never moved on from that game ..actually getting worse, as our defense gave up the ghost many times in games because of nothing happening at the other end of the park, which gave them something to fight for and defend! Horrible ..and NOW, you can’t even say we’re STRONG anymore! No pace, no imagination, no tactics, no strength, no togetherness, no commitment, no leaders, no fighting for each other, a high-line confusing game but with no pressing to justify it, no will, NO TEAM.
    Still, what can you do? If you sell on your best (and even GREAT) players, who inspire and bring out the best in the lesser players around them, and replace them with a load of expensive journeymen who inspire no one, least of all themselves, then what do you expect?
    We had a great squad and togetherness over the past 5 years. Now we have a bunch of strangers, each wondering who they can shift the blame for this season onto!!

  5. Mufc77 says:

    You lot should think about hiring David Moyes and his trusty sidekicks. We will give you 25m + Tom Cleverly AND a 12pk of beer if you please take him of our hands.

  6. Yespage says:

    Looks like the revolving door manager policy isn’t working well at Tottenham. AVB comes in, completely changes the squad. He has the best record for recent Tottenham coaches and gets sacked. Sherwood is heralded as the messiah, and now he is getting prepared to be sacked.

  7. christian says:

    Spurs supporters deserve far better than that. Everything there is managed so poorly and then gets worse.

    Daniel Levy should step down.

    • yespage says:

      I didn’t get the AVB buying spree. Tottenham had a really good team. Then the overbought talent and the squad lacked cohesion (and cohesion is one of the most important parts of a team).

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