Commentators for NBC’s Premier League Matches This Weekend: Gameweek 32

The commentators have been announced for this weekend’s Premier League matches on US television.

Saturday, March 29:

Manchester United vs Aston Villa, 8:45am, NBCSN; Steve Banyard & Chris Waddle
Crystal Palace vs Chelsea, 11am, NBCSN; Gary Weaver & Davie Provan
Southampton vs Newcastle, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Jonathan Beck & Ray Houghton
Stoke vs Hull, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Tony Evans & Barry Horne
Swansea vs Norwich, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Joe Speight & Dean Sturridge
West Brom vs Cardiff, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Gary Taphouse & Garry Birtles
Arsenal vs Manchester City, 1:30pm, NBCSN; Arlo White & Graeme Le Saux

Sunday, March 30:

Fulham vs Everton, 8:30am, NBCSN; Peter Drury & David Pleat
Liverpool vs Spurs, 11am, NBCSN; Arlo White & Lee Dixon

Monday, March 31:

Sunderland vs West Ham, 3pm, NBCSN; Martin Tyler & Paul Walsh

What are your thoughts on the selection of commentators this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

10 thoughts on “Commentators for NBC’s Premier League Matches This Weekend: Gameweek 32”

  1. When are we going to have Steve Bower leading some of the NBC broadcasts? It’s time for an Arlo change.


    1. They need to give Bower two games a week. He is knowledgeable, he says the right things, he’s energetic, great diction and fun to listen to.

  2. Drury is the worst commentator. Pleat is the worst co-commentator(but not quite as annoying as Drury).

    At least they are together this week so when Pleat yaks all game we won’t have to hear Drury so much.

    Who cares. Come on you Saints!

  3. Has anybody noticed how ridiculous Chris Waddle is? Routinely confusing players names, mispronouncing names… I know he’s only the color guy but… c’mon… that was painful to listen to.

    1. It was more than the ridiculous comments by Waddle though, he was an obvious homer for Man U. I figured he had played for them once, but it doesn’t look like it. Maybe Villa passed him over once and he’s still holding a grudge or something. Terrible!

  4. Do you guys mean Bower or Banyard? Not heard Bower today but enjoyed Banyard and Waddle on United earlier. Not heard them together before and they call it as it is. Like Tyler too.

  5. It seems like commentators are an acquired taste. Personally I love Waddle….knows the game inside out and is good with a quip (Benteke “3 off the tee” after he whiffed on the chested down chance on goal). When I watch the Pregame show, I expect to hear about the stories and gossip. When I watch a game, I want the commentators to focus on the game and what’s going on out on the pitch. That’s why I can’t stand Arlo. He’s always trying to impress with his knowledge of facts and history and just smothers the game. A lot of readers hammer the Fox guys on the Pregame. Personally I will suffer any Pregame if I can get Martin Tyler and an ex pro that knows the game (Neville, Provan, Waddle). Now…Gus Johnson and Tim Howard are another story altogether….absolutely diabolical!

  6. Very depressed listening to all NBC broadcasts. Their ‘colour commentators’ apparently feel they must blather all game and fill any dead space with useless opinion. Perhaps they’re paid by the word? During the last game I watched, the play by play commentator actually apologized for interrupting so he could describe an exciting passage of play! Please give us the British feed.

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