“Moyes Out” Plane Banner Will Do More Damage Than Good at Manchester United

Firstly, I am not a David Moyes supporter. He wasn’t my first choice as a successor to Sir Alex Ferguson. For what it’s worth, Moyes wasn’t even on my list of potential candidates as Manchester United’s new manager. But those decisions aren’t in my hands. And unfortunately as a fan, we just don’t have a say in those matters.

With that said, I am a former coach (albeit of a different sport). I know the difficulties and issues involved when a new coach (manager) assumes control of a new team.

In most cases, there is a minor transition period where as a team’s production drops off as compared to the season before. That can be expected. What fans would hope for are signs that the team is moving in the right direction. That “progress” provides hope that there will be success in the future.

Sometimes there is actually a “spike” and the team thrives under the new leadership. In the long run, that spike may only prove to be temporary or it could continue towards an upward trend.

Then there are times when the new management and its inherited team are met with failure. David Moyes and Manchester United are currently in the midst of such a scenario.

Because none of the parties involved will actually come out and make public statements damning individuals specifically, fans are being left to speculate over what is going on inside the club. Supporters can only listen to the opinions of footballing experts, tabloid articles, unnamed sources, former players and managers on the issues going on behind closed doors at Manchester United.

All of this leads to misinformation and uncertainty.

In spite of this, with Manchester United suffering through one of the most difficult seasons in its recent history, the one thing that has been a constant has been the support of their fans. I’m not referring to the ones who follow the matches on television and/or who take to Twitter to voice their pleasure/frustrations about the club. I’m talking about the season ticket holders at Old Trafford and the travelling Red Army. These supporters have remained loyal to the club and stood by the new manager despite watching some uninspired player performances and seeing Manchester United hit all-time lows.

Now it has been reported that a group of Manchester United supporters have come together through the Red Issue website and raised almost £1,000 to have a plane fly over Old Trafford during Saturday’s match against Aston Villa, pulling a banner that will call for manager David Moyes to be sacked. The arrangement is for the plane to carry the message: “Wrong One – Moyes Out” as a response to the “Chosen One” banner that has hung inside of Old Trafford.

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