3 England Fans Set Out On Walk to World Cup to Raise Money For Charity

Ah, the World Cup. Undoubtedly the most anticipated event in all of sports. We wait four years for each one to come around, and that feeling of excitement when the tournament is fast approaching never gets old. In fact, sometimes the wait can seem to take ages; every passing day is spent looking at a countdown on your computer as you realize that it has only been a few hours since you last checked.

Wouldn’t it be great to have something to kill some time before the tournament? Life in general won’t cut it, that’s far too boring. No, in order to take your mind off this summer’s soccer feast, you need something truly memorable.

Well, for a greater reason than just to solve pre-World Cup boredom, three England fans — Adam Burns, David Bewick, and Pete Johnston — have set out on a trek across South America. The journey, totaling a symbolic 1966km (1221 miles), began on March 1st in Mendoza, Argentina, and will end on June 8th in Porto Alegre, Brazil, a few days before the World Cup begins.

The journey’s true purpose is to raise £20,000 for Josefina de Vasconcellos Care Trust, a charity that will drill a new water well in the eastern Brazilian region of Bahia. That region of the country is in the middle of what has been dubbed “the worst drought in 50 years,” with Brazil’s Ministry of National Integration estimating that roughly 10 million people have been affected.

So far, Adam Burns said the group has slept in two abandoned train stations, been apprehended by police, charged by bulls, and of course — played a bit of soccer with the locals.

The trio’s incredible, 100-day journey signified all that is good with the World Cup: a global event that has the unique ability to change lives forever.

To donate, head over to their JustGiving page. Then, to read more about the journey, check out the group’s official site, before keeping tabs with them on the road at their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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