Which Club Will Win This Season’s Premier League?

The 2013/14 Premier League season is entering the home straight now, and there are four clubs still in the hunt for the league crown. Surprisingly Manchester United are not amongst them, as the Red Devils have fallen catastrophically from grace this season under David Moyes, while Liverpool have proven equally surprising title contenders under Brendan Rodgers. Much of this has been down to their astonishing strike force of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, which has compensated for defensive weaknesses, but should you be gambling on Liverpool for their first title since 1990?

Well the odds of 10/3 being offered by the bookies will certainly make them appealing to more than one football betting punter – as will the fact that only City can keep pace with them when it comes to scoring goals. However it should also be remembered that there is a real lack of experience of being in the title race at both managerial and playing level, as well as those defensive flaws and less overall squad depth than either City or Chelsea. It could be that either of those clubs – on 6/4 and 2/1 respectively – are the safer bets, but Liverpool are the pick for anyone prepared to take the chance on a bigger payout. Of course you can win that bigger payout with less risk if you just play Soccer Safari at an online casino instead.

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Who will win the Premier League title race? Vote below.

11 thoughts on “Which Club Will Win This Season’s Premier League?”

  1. I’m thinking Liverpool can do it. Chelsea are going to have Champions League tiring them out. City have a great chance to win it but we’ve had matches where we just don’t get into gear.

  2. Not Arsenal seems to be the only conclusive answer.

    Man City should be the favorites as they have games in hand. Liverpool needs Chelsea and Man City to stumble, while continuing their very strong run, in order to win. Both opponents have to go to Anfield.

    Truly, I think it is impossible to say who will win. It is simply too tight and all four top teams have been vulnerable at times.

  3. Wow . . . this article feels like it was taken over by an online casino spam-bot, but no – it’s all right there above the comments break!

    I understand advertising and all, but when an article is written just to transition to what is essentially an add for an online casino, I feel the site loses a lot of credibility. It is one thing to say “If you’re interested in betting on these odds, go here…” This is quite another beast.

    I expected more of this site – I really did – and find this unfortunate. It is no better than VRNs on local news broadcasts whose sole purpose is to sell you something.

  4. Chelsea are too well drilled and the pragmatism of their play will see them through to the title. Not that I want them to win but Mou has too many options at his disposal to play many different ways to get the results he needs. It’s going to take a few slip ups from them to not win the title.

  5. I don’t think Chelsea will pull it off without a dedicated finisher up top. City look to pull it off but Liverpool has the momentum.
    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Chelsea
    4. Arsenal

    1. Maybe. I think if might be:

      Everton (dark horse)

      But City does have two games in hand.

  6. Only way Chelsea finish top is if City drops points in two matches and Chelsea win the rest of their matches.

    The only places I can see City dropping points in Liverpool at Anfield and Goodison Park. I don’t see them dropping points at the Emirates this weekend.

  7. If Liverpool win their next two matches, Sunderland and Spurs, then I think they will finish no worse than 2nd.

    If City drop points against Arsenal and Liverpool have more points than City, even with City having a game in hand, then I think Liverpool will win the title.

    If both City and Liverpool drop points by the end of this weekend then Chelsea will win the title.

    All speculative but that’s what a prediction is.

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