Paul Scholes Defends David Moyes But Blasts Arsenal On Sky Sports [VIDEO]

Maybe it’s better that Paul Scholes kept his words to himself because he made himself look rather silly tonight with his analysis on Sky Sports after his Manchester United team were ripped to shreds by Manchester City.

Unbelievably, instead of criticizing Manchester United for the weaknesses this season, Scholes criticized Arsenal’s players for going missing and playing with no discipline (this coming from the Ginger Prince who was infamous for his poor tackling that often resulted in yellow or red cards).

Scholes also remarked that “It’s Arsenal fans that I feel sorry for. They seem to get them same thing every year.” Scholes added that Arsenal are a million miles away from winning the league.

The Ginger Ninja also criticized Jack Wilshere and said that his development has been poor.

Scholes also offered some analysis regarding David Moyes, and defended the United manager:

Maybe it’s time for Scholesy to learn a thing or two from Gary Neville and be more unbiased and analytical with his viewpoints instead of just singing from the United hymn sheet. Maybe that’s not surprising when Scholes himself is still employed as an ambassador for Manchester United Football Club.

When you listen to the above video, notice the number of times Scholesy says “We.” It’s poor form by Sky Sports to put someone like Scholes on the air when he’s obviously not going to say anything critical against United. They would have been better off getting someone more opinionated on the show who would speak his mind.

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15 thoughts on “Paul Scholes Defends David Moyes But Blasts Arsenal On Sky Sports [VIDEO]”

  1. Scholes was giving it both barrels to Arsenal and as a diehard Arsenal supporter myself every word he spoke about us was true.We have to realise the manager has been proved to be tactically inept and lost the chance of the league when big ben struck at the end of the January window.

    1. Arsene Wenger has his flaws, but tactically inept is not one of them. Tactically inept is currently residing in the manager’s office at Old Trafford. That, my friend, is tactically inept ad infinitum.

  2. Christopher Harris maybe you should pull your head out of your arse before you dcide to write about Paul Scholes. Scholes was regarded as 1 of the most gifted midfielders of his generation. He won TWENTY major honours, never had an agent, 1 club man and is a widely respected figure in the football world. Everything he said regarding Arsenal was true. He wasn’t saying it to hurt Arsenal fans, he was just giving his honest opinion as a incredibly experienced player.

    All you have managed in writing this article is make yourself look incredibly stupid, ignorant and lacking in knowledge of the sport.

    Well done.

    1. Pete, Scholesy was one of my favorite players, but what has that got to do with his role as a pundit where he’s supposed to be unbiased and is supposed to provide his honest opinion?

      Some of the things he said were true, but the timing of his comments couldn’t have been worse. If Arsenal are a million miles away from winning the Premier League title, what is United?

      Scholes showed his true colors tonight.

      1. Scholes just said what everyone else can see but other pundits are scared to say. He was asked for his opinion, he gave it. I found it quite refreshing. Everything he said was true. He was hardly complimentary on United either. The difference between United and Arsenal is United are having a slump this year, Arsenal have been making the same mistake for the past 9 years.

  3. Everything he said was true but United fans are crying out for someone to tell them the truth and be a peoples person. We don’t know the situation with the club David Moyes can’t be criticised at all and it’s frustrating. Why can’t one of these so called “United Fans” blast Moyes on air for his tactical ineptitude, idiotic subs, and horrible team selections? Are they all on the Glazer payroll now? Everything is it’s the players fault. It’s the De facto answer every F****** TIME. Why did he start Cleverley over Fletcher today, why did he sub off Danny Welbeck a Mancunian born and bred who gives a fuck about the club and plays for the badge, his pace was murdering City and was our best player no doubt about it, and he didn’t even play Januzaj. Why was Mata not subbed off? He was poor and looked like he could care less He should’ve subbed him off instead. This club is fills with greedy money loving parasites who could hardly care if United win anything but rather the new sponsor we get every week. There’s an official potato chip sponsor training kit sponsor everything you can think of and yet we can’t spend money on a 2 bloody *Expletive* midfielders a CB, and LB?

  4. I thought he was hard on Arsenal but soft on United. Yet, Arsenal have had a better season than United. Perhaps one reason is that he wants to be part of the coaching staff at United and I read somewhere that he expected a role there.

    1. He is part of the coaching staff to a lesser extent. He trains with the reserves and sees the first teamers every day so he’s basically still apart of the side. Could you imagine him tearing Moyes a new one today and then walking into training tomorrow all smiles.

      1. t appears that Scholes wants to be part of the first team coaching staff, like Giggs. He was disappointed that he didn’t get it.

  5. Scholes is getting plaudits for his open and honest comments on Sky Sports, a tad awkward… Yes
    But you can’t deny what he said was spot on


  6. One of the rare players I felt bad rooting against in the United squad when he was playing, but I am with Christopher on this one. It is so obvious he was going out of his way not to criticize the Red Devils, all the while going all guns blazing on Arsenal. I am sorry if you’re being paid to give your honest opinions about every teams in the premier league, I expect you to do so as unbiased as possible regardless of club allegiance.

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