What If European Soccer Clubs Got An ‘Americanized’ Makeover? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The name, colors, and identity are etched in the tradition of a soccer club. Recently, however, a couple of Premier League owners have tried to re-brand their clubs in an effort to appeal to a more international audience. Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan changed the club’s traditional colors from blue to red and reportedly has discussed renaming the club to the Cardiff Dragons. Hull City’s owners are trying to change the club’s name to the Hull Tigers.  

While none of the six American owners in England’s top flight have tried to re-brand their clubs (yet), what if our favorite clubs across Europe were to be re-branded in a more ‘American’ way? Can you imagine what the teams and logos would look like? For fun, the folks at twentysix did just that and came up with these logos.

European World Series Cup of Soccer
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Share your opinions on this re-imagining of soccer club identities. What names and logos would you come up with?

12 thoughts on “What If European Soccer Clubs Got An ‘Americanized’ Makeover? [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. I have been seeing some cool Euro/American sport cross over ideas lately that make this look like a 5 year made these.

    The “What if” MLB jerseys were designed like soccer jerseys was pretty cool and I would have actually bought some if I could.

    Then there is a group of design artists that like European Football and American Football that are making English, Spanish, Italian, and German style crests for each of the 32 NFL teams.

  2. These are awful. They remind me of the generic team logos you can use in a game like Madden or Yahoo fantasy sports.

  3. Ironic piers Morgan hates guns yet supports arsenal. I would love to see revolvers as the crest for the gunners just to piss his gun grabbing heart.

  4. This is a few days early for April Fools.

    Dreadful post that should never have seen the light of day. The EPL does not need Americanizing. End of.

    1. Yea, this is a pretty awful post. Trolling to rile up some American sports fans are bad and leave football alone sentiment… Pure click bait. And yet I clicked on the link, already knowing what it would be. Well played worldsoccertalk, well played.

  5. Not so funny idea. Beside changing names of clubs like Arsenal, Celtic and both Rangers (I assume that’s what London Cowboys and Glasgow Bears are supposed to be) is useless as they already would fit right into the so-called Americanized naming scheme.

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