What If European Soccer Clubs Got An ‘Americanized’ Makeover? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The name, colors, and identity are etched in the tradition of a soccer club. Recently, however, a couple of Premier League owners have tried to re-brand their clubs in an effort to appeal to a more international audience. Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan changed the club’s traditional colors from blue to red and reportedly has discussed renaming the club to the Cardiff Dragons. Hull City’s owners are trying to change the club’s name to the Hull Tigers.  

While none of the six American owners in England’s top flight have tried to re-brand their clubs (yet), what if our favorite clubs across Europe were to be re-branded in a more ‘American’ way? Can you imagine what the teams and logos would look like? For fun, the folks at twentysix did just that and came up with these logos.

European World Series Cup of Soccer
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Share your opinions on this re-imagining of soccer club identities. What names and logos would you come up with?


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