Here’s What David Beckham’s Miami MLS Stadium Will Look Like [PHOTOS]

Artist drawings of the stadium for David Beckham’s Miami MLS team were revealed today.

The detailed sketches reveal Beckham’s plans to have the stadium built in PortMiami, on the edge of the waterfront that overlooks the downtown Miami skyline.

Beckham’s stadium plan calls for a 25,000 seater on a contentious property that has been called the most expensive piece of land in the entire State of Florida. The land is contentious because Royal Caribbean is in opposition to the soccer stadium plans. Plus there are a lot of question marks regarding the proposed stadium because:

(1) the stadium isn’t going to generate the amount of revenue and taxpayer dollars that other uses of that land would (and it’s important to note that the PortMiami project is already almost $1 billion in debt), and

(2) Beckham expects the 25,000 fans to park in downtown Miami and then walk 0.5-1 mile from parking lots in downtown Miami to the stadium, via a drawbridge. Florida is not a place where people are endeared to walking. Floridians love to drive.

While there’s no doubt that the stadium design is beautiful, the plans are practically dead on arrival. The likelihood that Beckham will gain approval for this stadium plan is slim to none.

According to The Miami Herald newspaper, “The overall site plan envisions connecting the stadium and plaza to downtown Miami via an unused drawbridge that would be converted into a linear park for pedestrians. The plaza, ringed by dining and retail establishments, would be programmed by the team with outdoor film screenings, concerts, World Cup broadcasts and other events throughout the year. The stadium would face the plaza with shops, maybe a Beckham museum, and open terraces. It would also have a nightclub open year-round to the public.”

A nightclub? I kid you not.

It’s more likely that the design plans pictured above and below will be ripped up and a different location in Miami will be selected. David Beckham has a lot of work cut out for him in order to find a better and more accessible location for soccer fans in South Florida.

8 thoughts on “Here’s What David Beckham’s Miami MLS Stadium Will Look Like [PHOTOS]”

    1. LOL exactly. 25,000 is 10,000 too many seats for a GOOD location in Miami on a good day.

      Nobody is dealing with downtown traffic, paying $25 to park, and THEN walking a half mile to a stadium. Certainly nobody from north of the Dade/Broward county line, where the proven domestic soccer going public lives. And certainly not for the product even the best MLS teams have on offer. Becks keeps mentioning the Heat, but the Heat have the best basketball team and the best player in the world. MLS may never be able to claim that distinction. And even then, the Heat have won back to back titles and there are plenty of seats available on any given night in a 19,000 seat arena.

      These drawings are pretty, but IF this place ever gets built at that location, it’ll be the New England Revolution atmosphere with a better view.

  1. Team Beckham continues with fluff intended, I guess, to try and leverage Dade County into giving them land for super cheap rent that the county actually needs to lease or sell to someone who will provide infinitely more back to the coffers in the way of taxes than this stadium plan ever could in a million years. #1 and #2 above are all you need to know. This isn’t happening, no matter how charismatic and likable Becks is. Money is the bottom line here, and his team and plan can’t hold a candle to what others want this land for. Becks may as well resolve himself to someplace like Overtown if he and the league continue to insist the stadium has to be “downtown.” It’s the only kind of place where his project won’t be the bottom of the barrel from the perspective of the city and/or county.

    1. As Strikers fans it’s positive to see Becks and MLS forging ahead with this fantasy port idea. Let them dig their own grave there and have minimal effect on our club.

      Hopefully as a courtesy they make the seats orange and green. Then it will be less expensive for the Hurricanes to move in lol.

  2. The fascination with the Heat will quickly turn when this group realizes the Heat will be contributing factors to the club’s inability to draw. Go back to the first season of Marlins Park. Aside from Opening day the stadium did not draw well at all. The beginning part of the baseball season (and MLS) coincides with NBA playoffs(the only basketball games that matter. NBA holds the title for least significant regular season of any sport). By the time the season ended for the Heat it was the end of June and the Marlins were firmly in last place. I expect some of the same for this club.

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