Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 31: Open Thread

It’s going to difficult for Tottenham, Southampton, Aston Villa and Stoke to live up to the entertainment value of el Clasico later today, but more power to them if they can!

Here’s the schedule for today’s Premier League matches on US TV:

Spurs vs Southampton, 9:30am, NBCSN
Aston Villa vs Stoke, Noon, NBCSN

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

32 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 31: Open Thread”

  1. The curtain is slowly coming down on the Sherwood era. Started well but proving to be all mouth like a younger version of Redknapp. Not all his own fault. Spurs have been undone by wasting all of the Bale money with some atrocious signings.

  2. The curtain never should have came up. Not to say AVB shouldn’t have have been fired, he should have. But everyone knew this Sherwood dog couldn’t hunt, he was just a stop gap till the end of the season. As regards the signings, its too early to tell, these guys haven’t even played for a competent manager yet. And things wouldn’t have been much different they had keept Bale.

  3. Nice comeback by Spurs. Erikson had another nice game I think he has great potential. Soldado and Chadhli also played well.

      1. IAN
        can not tell you the dagger is still stuck in my side.was hoping for a draw that went out the window very early.I am gutted seen this movie before and i know the ending.tough season to be a Forest fan.

  4. Martino, for a second day in a row really looks amateurish in his analysis. This is NBC’s weak spot in their halftime show.. I wish they would find a pundit with some connection and history to English football .


      1. I hate how networks cant admit they screwed up and fix a bad decision.

        Honestly dont mind martino as hes one of 3, doesnt feature much and often isnt that bad.

        But arlo white has been awful.

        Not to mention alexi lalas still has a job at espn, and fox still seems to want to trot out gus johnson.

    1. Yesterday was particularly funny when he said Van Persie and Rooney just don’t work well together then Mustoe tuned and said Rooney passed the ball to Van Persie for the goal against olympiacos of course they do…



  5. Charlie Ward on the bench for Stoke today, don’t expect him to come on but is a glimmer of hope from our acadmey.

  6. So we send Guidetti to Stoke to see what he can do. Hughes insists on playing the useless Crouch instead of him.


    1. Apparently,despite having a full season to get fit, he’s carrying too much timber. A wasted signing from our POV.

      Crouch is far from useless. Kenwyne Jones deserves that tag. Scored and set 1 up so far today.

    2. Crouch is hardly useless. Jones was the lumbering tree on the pitch. Crouch can move, dribble, and score. He has several goals this season. And Stoke started doing better once Hughes started Crouch instead of the tree.

        1. Forgot McLaren’s ill-fated spell at Forest too, I imagine the Forest fans in attendance were like very sick dogs.

    1. Reckon we’re safe now? Have to say Hughes doing that spending no more than £5m is an outstanding performance.

  7. I’d have taken a point before today. We haven’t won at Villa since 1988.

    Nice to see Geoff on the scoresheet, listening to Collymore on Talksport is amusing.

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