Liverpool Only Have Themselves to Blame If They Don’t Win the Premier League Title

One year ago, Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 at Anfield for the Reds first win against a team above them in the table that season. They finished the season in seventh, twelve points off the coveted fourth spot and twenty-eight points off the champions Manchester United.

Now, after Saturday’s emphatic 6-3 away victory against Cardiff City, Liverpool sit second in the table, just four points behind Chelsea while Brendan Rodgers’ side have one game in hand.

The Anfield side have made a dramatic improvement this season. And with their progression continuing to skyrocket, could Liverpool really win the Premier League title this season?

It seems a strange question to ask, but with Liverpool boasting the two most feared strikers in the Premier League in Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge and having not lost a match since going down 2-1 at Chelsea in December, they are in title winning form. Liverpool have dropped points on ten occasions this season, having suffered five draws and five defeats. While they may not be up to scratch with last year’s United side, do they have enough to take the league this season?

If they do win the league, Suarez and Sturridge will have much to say about it. This year they have scored a total of 47 goals in the league, outscoring sixteen teams in the Premier League, including the likes of Tottenham, Everton, and Manchester United. The team has combined for 82 goals so far this season, six more than Manchester City and 20 goals ahead of Chelsea. With this amount of goals, it is obvious that the team should be pushing for the title.

So what can stop Liverpool from winning the title they’ve desperately wanted back since 1992? They have to have belief within the team; Steven Gerrard came out after the victory at Southampton saying, “We’ve certainly got a chance of competing. You’ve got to believe and have confidence.” We also heard the manager speak to their title chances after their 3-2 win at Fulham saying, “We’ve shown enough times we’re a very good side. We’re chasing and there are other teams still ahead of us, so we’ll need some of them to drop points, but we know we still have City and Chelsea to play at home.”

So with the manager and captain claiming Liverpool can win the title, what can stop them? The answer is themselves.

With their attacking mind-set, there will be many more goals given up defensively. Liverpool has conceded 38 goals this season, good for seventh in the table, among the likes of Newcastle and Hull. Looking at last season’s United side, who gave up only 31 goals and scored 68, it shows that a solid defence will allow you to pick up points wherever you go. However, this season’s Liverpool have seemingly re-written the book, playing with the philosophy of ‘you score one, we will score two’ and judging by the results thus far, it seems to be working.

Additionally, after Gerrard made his comments about belief within the side, he added, “The only thing that goes against us a little bit is our lack of experience. But if we keep performing like we have then we’ve got a chance.”

Experience is massive when it comes to winning trophies, and it is often a great asset to have players who have been in that situation and know how to handle the pressure when it comes. In the current side, Liverpool are lacking compared to some of their rivals.

Amongst Liverpool’s first eleven who played against Southampton, the players had won a combined 32 trophies in their career. And only eight of these trophies were for winning their respective league. This is compared to Chelsea, who have 53 trophies to boast between them, 12 of which were winning titles in their respective division, including Premier League winners. The average amount of trophies each player has won comes to 5, two more than the Liverpool average.

Experience also comes down to age. Coming into the season, the average age of the Chelsea team was 27 years, compared to Liverpool’s average of 25.4 years. While this bodes well for Liverpool’s potential in the future, the gap in age would seemingly give Chelsea a bit of an advantage in the present in terms of experience and keeping a level head.

In the end, Chelsea’s experience could shine through and prove pivotal towards the end of the campaign, but with the belief within Liverpool at an all-time high since 2008/09 and a potent strike force to go along with that belief, Liverpool will only have themselves to blame if they aren’t lifting the title in May.

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21 thoughts on “Liverpool Only Have Themselves to Blame If They Don’t Win the Premier League Title”

  1. Even if Liverpool win all their remaining games they might still not win the title. City, even if they lose to Liverpool, would be 1 point better than Liverpool provided they win all their other games.

    Chelsea have the easiest run-in while City have the toughest. Liverpool have tough games against Spurs, City and Chelsea but they are all at Anfield.

  2. Basic math could stop those premier league title hopes. Good old math, gets even the best of us every time!

  3. Math is dictated by logic and logic states that its in City’s hands. Thing about football is that logic doesn’t always apply. I don’t think the team that wins it this year would have to win all their remaining games. Its been that kind of season. However there is no doubting that with that amount of goals scored, a team with a better defence would be running away with it at this stage.

  4. With Liverpool, sh-t defense is not the reason they’re not in first at the moment.

    They’ve dropped points in 10 matches.

    2-2 v. Swansea: No Glen Johnson, no Suarez, Sterling wasn’t in form yet, and Jonjo Shelvey went apesh-t for both sides. Fluke, but not bad defending.

    1-0 v. Southampton: No Suarez, no in-form Sterling, no fullbacks (LFC played that peculiar four CB lineup), and a clear missed penalty on Sturridge. Sh-t offense, not terrible defending.

    2-2 v. Newcastle: Tim Krul stood on his head. Defense was slightly below par, but the first Newcastle goal wasn’t getting stopped by anyone. Maybe defense was partly to blame, but the credit goes to Krul.

    2-0 v. Arsenal: Sh-t everywhere. Feel free to blame the defense. I felt it was more on the horrible midfield, than the back four, but whatever.

    3-3 v. Everton: Great, exciting match. Poor defense. Liverpool honestly were lucky to escape with a point.

    3-1 v. Hull: Sh-t defense. Ugly match. F-cking Hull.

    2-1 v. Citeh: No Sturridge. Should have been a draw with the horrible blown offside call. Mignolet was sh-t.

    2-1 v. Chelsea: No Sturridge. Should have been a draw with the horrible missed penalty. Mignolet was sh-t.

    2-2 v. Villa: Offense was shit. Defense was average. Lack of attack was more to blame here.

    1-1 v. West Brom: Kolo Toure, what the f-ck were you thinking?

    So that’s five matches in which the defense was to blame for dropped points (six if you really want to blame the defense for the Arsenal debacle).

    There is some blame to go around; it’s not as if the back four is League One quality.

    And if LFC doesn’t win the title, it’s going to be because Chelsea or Citeh were better, not because the Reds’ defense wasn’t good enough.

    1. But by your own admittance, that’s – what – 11 points dropped by the defense alone, if I’m counting right? That would put Liverpool at 76 points right now, well in the lead.

  5. City have games in hand but everybody knows it’s points on the board that count at this stage. The team that has games in hand never wins the title as fixture chaos usually does them in.

    Chelsea are favorites but the road to the title goes through Anfield for the top 3.

  6. If its not us then I would like either city or arsenal to win it…chelseas anti-football is just horrible to watch, just like realmadrid and inter, Jose has $200mil+ in attacking talent still will turn them into parking the bus team.

    1. Anti-football is now not conceding goals and keeping clean sheets. Also scoring 6 pass Arsenal 4 pass tot. Sometimes make up your own mind and dont just jump on the internet bandwagon of “chelsea play anti-football” whatever that means.

  7. As long as Mourinho doesn’t triumph. He’s always had the mouth of a butthurt twelve year old, but since his return he has become more toxic. Lost all for the man after his swipes at Wenger.

    1. Chelsea supporters will defend that @sshole to the very end. No use getting that platic fanbase to see otherwise.

      1. That’s not entirely true my wife is Chelsea supporter and she can’t stand the “creep”. But I realize she is a tiny minority.

      2. Hear Hear. Like we care what your opinion of our manager is. Don’t worry about us “plastics”.. we will defend our “@sshole” manager.

        While you real/class fans can continue riding on your high horse. smh

  8. If they don’t win Liverpool fans should be very happy in any event. The turnaround of the club has been amazing. They are back being a serious contender for the title and CL qualification. They have returned to being serious contenders each year for a top spot.

    Time to say well done to the organization and sit back you did it without just buying anyone you could on the market. To me they are a joy to watch.

  9. Since the title is not in Liverpool’s hands, it’s in the hands of City, it doesn’t make sense to suggest that Liverpool only have themselves to blame if they don’t win the title.

    Only City can have no one to blame but themselves if they don’t win the title.

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