Manchester United Boardroom Contemplating Replacing David Moyes as Manager: Daily Soccer Report

Key members of Manchester United’s boardroom are contemplating replacing David Moyes as manager, while Louis van Gaal has been tipped as a potential replacement, according to sources to ESPN.

According to the report, members of the Glazer family are now more open to considering the replacement of Moyes especially if United stumble in their next three matches — home to Olympiakos in the UEFA Champions League tomorrow, against West Ham this weekend and against Manchester City next week.

ESPN FC reports that “The Glazers are said to have become very ‘nervous’ about the nature of recent performances, let alone the results, with a nadir coming in the 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool. Some United officials now openly maintain that a managerial change is needed. Old Trafford sources also state it has been noted that Sir Alex Ferguson is no longer so vocally backing Moyes at boardroom level, although the former manager is not said to have turned against his replacement. It is also believed Moyes retains the backing of Sir Bobby Charlton.”

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12 thoughts on “Manchester United Boardroom Contemplating Replacing David Moyes as Manager: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. I wonder if part of the reason United is letting Moyes continue is to get through this string of matches. It would be rough to sack Moyes now and have the interim/new manager bounce out of Champions League on Day One and then lose to a superior City team in his first Derby. Better to let Moyes take it on the chin and sack him after the City defeat. Then bring in the new guy who won’t have anything too brutal until next season.

  2. he must be granted at the least one more year.the evertonizing of stretford is going to take more than one season.

    1. That seals the argument. When you ask fans of rival clubs whether they should keep Moyes they all say, “LOL….I hope so. Hahahahaha.”

      As a United fan, I’d be delighted if Liverpool got rid of Rogers or if Mourinho left Chelsea. But they all want us to keep Moyes….

  3. I don’t think replacing Moyes now makes much sense. No one that replaces him will be able to get Manchester United to finish in the top 4. United are also not going to win the Champions League even if they progress past Olympiakos.

    Any change will happen after the season is over.

    1. Not in the short term, but for the longer term.
      United can attract players by saying that “you won’t play for Moyes but for someone else”.
      United can also attract good coaches. I always laugh when people say “who wants to go to United?” – same thing happened to Liverpool in the 90s: a lot of coaches still want to go to great clubs.

    2. Replacing him now makes sense because it gives a new manager a chance to:

      (a) establish a philosophy that can carry in to next season,
      (b) have a good hard look at who should stay and who should go,
      (c) start talking to clubs now about the players who might interest him,

      If you have decided a change is necessary and you know who you want, why would you wait until the new season is imminent to start what looks to be a significant overhaul?


  4. Give the manager at least two seasons to show his value. Darn good thing that Liverpool didn’t sack Rodgers at the end of last season.

    Fans of Man U. are so spoiled. The team had one of the best coaches of all-time (of all sports). Give Moyes another year. If he fails again, then look elsewhere, but you can’t expect Moyes to be able to fill the roll of Ferguson so quickly.

    1. The problem is not the losses, but the manner of losses, how the team has been playing.

      With Rodgers last year, there was an improvement. Hodgson left Liverpool in the bad spot and a lot of Benitez’s signings were not successful (you add that Rafa kept on moaning that the club needs to spend more and more – it’s typical Rafa)

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