It’s Now or Never For Arsenal’s Mission to End Its Almost 9-Year Trophyless Streak

During Arsenal’s now almost nine-years since the club has won a trophy, the squad has lost in an UEFA Champions League final, two League Cup finals, and hasn’t come close to winning the Premier League. Thankfully for Gunners fans, though, Arsenal now faces its best opportunity to win some silverware in three years by knowing that if the club beats Wigan in the FA Cup semi-final, the Premier League side just has to beat either Hull City or Sheffield United to end its trophy jinx.

Like many recent Arsenal seasons, the 2013-14 campaign has been an epic roller-coaster of ups, downs, twists, and turns. From opening the season with a 3-1 loss at home to Aston Villa to purchasing Mesut Ozil to losing 6-3 against Manchester City to beating Everton 4-1 to make it to Wembley Stadium in the FA Cup, the Gunners have remained a talking point for media around the world. All pundits are now putting pressure on Arsene Wenger’s men to defeat Wigan Athletic F.C. in the semifinal and either Hull City or Sheffield United in the final. The remaining fixtures in the tournament are surely impossible for even Arsenal to screw up. Many figured the same thing when the Gunners faced Birmingham City in the 2011 League Cup final and we know how that ended.

A trademark of the North London club along with the emphasis of passing and playing pretty football is injuries. Throughout the year, plenty of the critical players on the team have become injured. Many blame it on the training tactics the club does and the lack of rest the footballers get due to lacking a deep, talented squad. When they face Wigan on April 12, they will continue to be without English internationals and normal starters Theo Walcott (due to his season-ending ACL injury) and Jack Wilshire (recovering from a foot injury). Ozil remains a question mark because he was recently injured on Wednesday due to staying in and playing 43 minutes after injuring his hamstring during the first two minutes of the game in Munich. On a positive note, the early season contender for the Footballer of the Year Award Aaron Ramsey will be back very soon as well as full backs Kieran Gibbs and Nacho Monreal. Kim Kallstrom, the only signing the Gunners made in the January transfer window, is finally in shape and able to contribute to the side.

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