Commentators for NBC’s Premier League Matches This Weekend: Gameweek 30

The commentators have been announced for this weekend’s Premier League matches on US television.

Saturday, March 15:

Hull City vs Manchester City, 8:45am, NBCSN; Daniel Mann & Dean Sturridge
Everton vs Cardiff, 11am, NBCSN; Gary Weaver & Barry Horne
Fulham vs Newcastle, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Gary Taphouse & Tony Gale
Southampton vs Norwich, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Jonathan Beck & Efan Ekoku
Stoke vs West Ham, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Joe Speight & Trevor Francis
Sunderland vs Crystal Palace, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; David Stowell & Brian Little
Swansea vs West Brom, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Tony Jones & Garry Birtles
Aston Villa vs Chelsea, 1:30pm, NBCSN; Steve Banyard & David Pleat

Sunday, March 16:

Manchester United vs Liverpool, 9:30am, NBCSN; Steve Bower & Tim Howard
Spurs vs Arsenal, Noon, NBCSN; Arlo White & Graeme Le Saux

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What are your thoughts about this weekend’s line-up of commentators? Let us know in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Commentators for NBC’s Premier League Matches This Weekend: Gameweek 30”

    1. It’s a shame you value performance over analysis because despite his monotonous delivery he actually is incredibly substantive.

  1. The super sunday’s commentry team from pltv are: m.united vs liverbool: jon champion and jim beglin. Then Spurs vs arsenal: peter drury and clive allen. Four familiar names.

  2. Love the “arlo free Saturday” comment.. Have to agree.. Mr White is getting to the point of must stream.. His commentary is bad and getting worse… This goes to show the naysayers it’s NOT an English voice It’s the quality of the commentator… On the flip side we have a real quality in Steve Bower with the mumbling Tim Howerd.. How will this play out… Will he save the broadcast?

    Regardless both are available online, and unfortunately that where I’ll probably be watching


  3. Just realized Arlo is doing the Chelsea Villa match… Can he not just say the names of who has the ball!! Shut up already..

    Tuning out finding a stream…


    1. Seriously tim howard is the most annoying commentator ive ever heard. Its makes you not wanna watch the game. He Interrupts his co analyst and states such obvious things that give us nothing informative

  4. I thought Tim Howard was refreshing and made watching live soccer more interesting for me. From an American standpoint, it can be very boring and uninteresting listening to English & foreign accents. Having someone I can actually understand was great.

    1. Regardless of the accent, constant talking by the commentators is really distracting, especially the the match analyst. The game needs moments of silence where all you want to hear is the crowd noise. In other words, variety is key. Tim Howard, in my opinion, keeps stating the obvious, something that my non-soccer loving sister could have said by just looking at the game for a few minutes. The Spurs v Arsenal game….perfect.

  5. The commentators for the Liverpool v Man U this past Saturday (March 16) SUCKED . . . BIG TIME. Verbal diarrhea for a freakin’ hour-and-a-half! It’s as if the match were all about them and what they know – kinda like American football commentators. And I don’t need a commentator telling me that the ball was off his right foot or other blah, blah. I can SEE what’s happening. Do they thin the viewers are stupid. I end up watching the match with the sound turned off – which is kinda boring as you can’t hear the crowd. TOTALLY ANNOYING!

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