WATCH Manchester City vs Wigan, FA Cup Quarter-Final Highlights [VIDEO]

Sunday’s match between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic was a wonderfully entertaining game for the neutrals. It had a little bit of everything, and fair play to Wigan Athletic for putting in an inspired performance against the richest club in the world.

If you missed the match or you want to watch the highlights again, watch below. We’ve also included the goal highlights:

Here are the goal highlights:


One thought on “WATCH Manchester City vs Wigan, FA Cup Quarter-Final Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. Anyone notice how many times they repeated the basketball announcers FA Cup highlights ??

    I haven't heard any official word on his return, he mentioned in an interview he would be going back overseas to do UEFA and FA Cup games... But that was a while ago and he hasn't mentioned it since.

    Has Fox learned its lesson?



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