NBC Makes 3 Important Announcements About This Weekend’s Premier League Games

With the continued increase in TV ratings for Premier League matches on NBC Sports in its debut season, the network has announced three key changes for this weekend’s coverage:

1. Tim Howard will return to the booth as co-commentator for NBCSN, this time for the Manchester United versus Liverpool match that will be shown live on Sunday at 9:30am ET on NBCSN. Alongside Howard will be accomplished commentator Steve Bower.

2. Sunday’s doubleheader of Man United-Liverpool followed by Tottenham-Arsenal will feature Gary Lineker back in the NBCSN studio in the UK. He’ll offer his analysis alongside Graeme Le Saux live from White Hart Lane. For that match, Arlo White and Le Saux will commentate the North London derby. Meanwhile, Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle will provide their insight and analysis from NBC Sports Group’s International Broadcast Center in Stamford, CT.

Lineker and the NBC Sports team will provide its analysis beginning with the Premier League Live show that starts at 8:30am ET.

3. NBC has announced that Match of the Day will air live for the next nine consecutive Sundays beginning this weekend. The Sunday editions of MOTD will air at 2;30pm ET.

Editor’s note: Be sure to visit the Premier League TV schedule for the latest dates and times of games.

33 thoughts on “NBC Makes 3 Important Announcements About This Weekend’s Premier League Games”

  1. Speaking of terrible Fox coverage, did they give up on the Gus Johnson experiment for CL or will he be back after basketball ends?

    1. I’m sure he’ll be back after basketball ends. FOX paid a massive amount of money to sign him, so they won’t let sleeping dogs lie.

  2. NBC and BeIN Sports have done a fantastic job with the EPL and Serie A/La Liga. The coverage is absolutely fantastic. I just wish that the Bundesliga could buy-out its contract with GolTV and move immediately to FOX in HD. Bundesliga has the worst TV coverage in America.

    1. BeIN match choices have been abysmal .. And their whole production team doesn’t get up before 9am.. So your screwed if there is an early match… And of course you have their commentating teams sitting in front of the 27″ tv’s pretending to be ONSITE when a perfectly good audio feed from the stadium is available.

      BeIN is bush league… Run the same as GolTV was..the Exact same people from Briceno on down…. A waste of a channel and the catalog of leagues they have


  3. In my opinion having Tim Howard as co-commentator is one of the few mistakes NBC has made all season. Personally I find him rather dull and boring.

    1. you can add arlo white to the list of mistakes.he won’t shut up just because gus stinks that does not make arlo good.

      1. Arlo is not everyone’s cup of tea but he is still light years better than the abomination that is Gus Johnson doing soccer.

        Interesting that Steve Bower is being given a high profile game. Maybe NBC will split more time between the two. Steve Bower is NBC’s Barry Davies to Arlo’s Motty.

        1. I guess we will agree to disagree.gus is awful and arlo is bad. so i guess in the world of Smokey that makes arlo good.never knew two negatives make a positive.

      2. Agreed.. Arlo can’t hold a candle to the TWI stable od commentators… Talks toooooo much… Yes light years ahead of Johnson but it has to be noted.. It IS A STEP BACKWARDS

        Howard is just a gimmick… It is a mistake…have for halftime analysis.. But boot him from the boothe.. It’s NBC’s amateur hour.

        Steve Bowers on the other hand SHOULD be NBC’s number one commentator hands down.


    2. I haven’t heard Howard make a single salient point. He might as well not even be there. NBC obviously trying to pander to the U.S. audience. Took a guy I used to like and turned him into someone I loathe…at least in that position. Sad.

  4. Great coverage by NBC all season. It’s time for a daily 30 minute NBC highlight show because ESPNFC is just a chat show with very few highlights.

    1. Here here. Though I do commend ESPN for covering leagues they don’t have the rights to and doing so for a whole hour on Sunday nights.

  5. Meanwhile on Fox, Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer continue to remind viewers why they lost the EPL to NBC.

    NBC’s coverage is about as good as it gets.

  6. Anyone else get visions of NBC executives strapping on ancient military uniforms and yelling “CHARGE!”?

    Anyway, this is great. I think Tim Howard has potential. He stills leaves too much dead air but he’s new at this stuff.

    NBC putting the big-boy pants on.

  7. Don’t you think that NBC already knows Tim Howard is inexperienced, stale, boring?

    They are thinking for the future, they need a former player with loads of EPL experience in the booth, that probably already isn’t under contract with another network. So they have to build one. In the long run, this is a win-win for NBC and Howard.

    Aikman and Darryl Johnson turned out to be great former players turned NFL color commentator. They were also probably rusty out of the gate.

    McBride and Keller aren’t polished on ESPN either. And giving a mic to Dempsey is probably more riskier than giving it to the guy with Tourette Syndrome. Btw, I <3 Timmy Howard. : )

  8. Gaffer, I’ll be in Mexico for a week in 2 weeks time. Any idea on which channel is showing the EPL games?

    1. Maybe one of the readers can better answer this question. I do know that most of the games are shown live across an array of channels in Mexico. Not sure which ones specifically though.

  9. NBC is on a roll. It continues to take it coverage to new levels. As I commented on earlier today NBC has hit upon a formula of keeping viewership by not letting go. Keep the programming going all day. Hence last weekend the EPL lead into MLS with big results and now going live with MOTD.

    I see little reason to get worked up about Tim Howard. Yes his comments have not been very deep or hard hitting but it gives the American audience a chance to identify with an American voice of authority.

    In any event NBC has done things right. To bad they will not be keeping MLS because it may be just what the league needs on the TV to grow the game.

  10. My only gripe with NBC is that they air the Premier League Preview show on Saturday morning instead of Friday evening which is a better time.

    About Tim Howard, I don’t think he adds anything to the game. Adding his name to the NBC coverage is more for advertising purposes because he’s someone American soccer fans know.

  11. I am in Canada and we have lost so much footy in the past two years it’s criminal! Some companies, Rogers and Bell, are now showing the Bein Channel but Shaw isn’t. Guess which one I use. Sportsnet (used to be Setanta which was awesome) now shows all our matches, Gol tv shows a few, but as everyone says, they suck. Sportsnet doesn’t seem to realize how much football we want and usually shows one Premier League match in the morning and then the rest in the evening after a whole day of rugby!We get very few live games and our commentators are the worst (except for, maybe, two). The co-commentators are even worse…yap yap yap criticize and complain…usually have to keep my finger on the mute button. The only thing I don’t like about NBC are the commercials – ludicrous – who has time to read all that while watching a match. People should lobby to have them stop…I have never seen that done in any other country, ever. It is really annoying because your eye automatically goes up to look and they take the time clock off – every 3-4 minutes they put something on the screen. We want to watch the match not read about it. Other than that, I can’t wait to get our Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, League Un etc. back. Also really miss the English Championship matches because three of those teams will be in the Premier League the next year and when the seasons starts we don’t have a clue about the new teams. Count your ‘lucky stars’ you are in the USA. Oh, one more thing, the two idiots who do the Spanish games from a tiny office in North America really suck…in particular Ray Hudson. He may be entertaining for a while, but after that he is utterly unbearable. Spoils any match is comments on. That’s my take of the way things stand at this time.

    1. “People should lobby to have them stop”

      HA. Talk about ludicrous. If your eye “automatically goes up to look” then you must not be paying close attention to the actual match being played. These advertisements are what allows NBC to pay for the rights to bring us their excellent coverage. Would you rather them go half screen or just cut away from the action completely to run commercials? Get a grip.

  12. I love nbc and their sports coverage I may be bias because I love the nhl on nbc coverage though. I actually really enjoy arlo and even if he is not the best in the business it’s more authentic from an nbc perspective than to simply just use the world feed. Because if they always used the world feed it wouldn’t be any different from fox’s coverage besides the half time show. Besides he is way better than Gus Johnson. I do agree that Steve bower is world class and should be doing more games. I always wanted nbc to have him and arlo call games, and they could use both gramue and lee Dixon. I don’t have any attachment to the world feed commentators because since 07 I always had to listen to the games on fox deportes and I hated those commentators because I didn’t get fox soccer except for free trials and the last 3 months of fox soccer in 2013. I like Ian darke but that is because I heard him on espn all the time. I would one day want nbc to use their own people for at least 3 games a week, but for now I love he nbc coverage.

  13. The Fox PR for Gus Johnson has started.. Please comment and let them know we don’t want to be short changed with an amateur basketball announcer again this year


    I guarantee Warren really doesn’t think Gus is up there with Tyler.. But throw some $$$ his way and he says anything Fox wants…. Sellout


    1. What I drew from Barton’s comment is this. Give gus 20 -30 years and he’ll be as good as Martin Tyler. Sure, and give a million monkeys a million typewriters and a million years and you’ll get Shakespeare. No offense to monkeys or the Bard, but I am not willing to invest 20 minutes in gus, let alone years.

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