Is This USMNT’s Away Shirt For World Cup 2014? [PHOTO]

A design of what appears to be the US Men’s National Team’s away shirt for World Cup 2014 has been revealed on the Internet.

The bold design features a shirt that screams red, white and blue. If true, the USMNT away shirt for 2014 is red with a blue upper chest and white band of color across the upper middle of the jersey.

This design of USMNT’s away jersey for 2014 features a rounded collar.

If this is the USA away shirt for World Cup 2014, what do you think of it? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

View: Official photos of the USMNT World Cup home jersey for 2014.

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15 thoughts on “Is This USMNT’s Away Shirt For World Cup 2014? [PHOTO]”

  1. Now that is more like it! It even goes with the hideous badge. Not sure when they will get a chance to wear it. Maybe on the plane home.

  2. Btw why does this website keep asking me to download some stupid app when I view it on my phone or iPad? Very annoying.

    1. It shouldn’t be doing that. Can you e-mail me at if that happens again and send me a screenshot if possible? I just surfed to on my iPhone but I don’t see where it asks to download an app.

  3. Well this looks 1000% better than the golf/polo playing/rugby home jersey. While I’m not a fan of horizontal bars or lines, I could live with it and buy one.

    I was just going to wear the 2010 Jersey but I’ll check it out in the store.

  4. Can we get a 3rd kit?

    I’m very disappointed in the two kits. For this one it’s that the colors are backwards, but at least it does not have the awful collar.

    1/10 would not buy.

  5. Looks cheap. Was actually looking forward to buying a USMNT jersey for World Cup but looks like I will not be a buyer this cycle.

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