Nike Unveil Radical, New Soccer Boot Named Magista: Official [PHOTOS]

Nike today unveiled a radical, new soccer boot named Magista. In a special presentation in Spain, Andrés Iniesta unveiled the new boot that features distinctive silhouette and Nike Flyknit technology.

The Magista boot incorporates Nike Flyknit technology that has been engineered for soccer for the first time, allowing the foot to get closer to the ball and to deliver better ball-feel and control. The Magista is designed to enable creativity in a game where space is at a premium.

Flyknit technology creates a second-skin, sock-like feel and allows for strength and support to be knitted directly into the boot. The Magista also features a new mid-cut Dynamic Fit Collar for a more locked-down fit and increased awareness of the body’s movements and interaction with the ground and the ball.

“The Magista’s mid-cut Dynamic Fit collar is not just a visually compelling innovation, it’s designed to create heightened feel for the ball and enhance the player’s touch,” adds McCartney. “The mid-cut allows the foot, ankle, and lower leg work together as a single unit, emphasizing their natural movements.”

Here are the official photos of the revolutionary, new soccer boot:

3 thoughts on “Nike Unveil Radical, New Soccer Boot Named Magista: Official [PHOTOS]”

  1. Looks expensive. :)

    I can’t see wearing them as a goalkeeper, but I love to see a company try new and innovative things….even if those innovative things aren’t suited to my tastes.

  2. Call me old school, but I like to wash my socks.

    Kidding aside, it does look expensive, and also looks like the elastic in the socket-thing will break down relatively quickly.

    Boot costs have never been higher, durability has never been lower. The only thing that remains the same? Crap players are still crap.


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