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Ukraine-USA Friendly Is Back On, According to US Soccer

ukraine Ukraine USA Friendly Is Back On, According to US Soccer

Despite initial confirmed reports that a senior Ukraine soccer executive had announced that the Ukraine-United States soccer friendly was canceled, the game between the two countries is now back on according to US Soccer.

US Soccer tweeted late Monday night that the game will go ahead as scheduled:

“The Football Federation of Ukraine confirmed that their team will travel to Cyprus and the match will proceed as scheduled.”

Monday afternoon, reports eminating from Ukraine’s football federation president Anatoliy Konkov said that the game was off.

“We cannot hold the national championship so what kind of football can we talk of at all? If we do not have an opportunity to play on home soil, why shall we go to Cyprus in those troubled times for your country? We play for our people and country. Our team do not fly to Cyprus and stay at home.”

The game, originally scheduled to take place in Kharkiv, was moved to Cyprus last week following ongoing civil and political unrest in Ukraine. However, further turmoil plagued the match itself, as a local referee was the victim of a car bomb. Furthermore, Russia’s military invasion of the Crimea has brought everyday life in Ukraine to a standstill.

Despite the turmoil in Ukraine, the game will go ahead as planned. Kickoff is set for 2pm EST and the game will be televised by ESPN2. And yes, the USMNT will debut its new uniforms.

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