Soccer Fans, Prevent Spoilers and Annoying Tickers With TickerBlocker

We all love watching soccer, but many of you will agree that two of the most annoying aspects of watching the sport on television in the United States are 1) poor commentary by the play-by-play announcers, and/or 2) the tickers that run across the bottom of the screen.

But even if the soccer game features your favorite commentator, the experience can often be distracting when TV networks such as FOX Sports and ESPN run tickers across the bottom of the screen throughout the whole game. Not only do the tickers take up valuable screen “real estate,” but they often reveal spoilers of goals being scored in the other games, make it hard to concentrate on the game you’re watching, and try to grab your attention with breaking news from other sports that you often don’t care about.

While many sports TV networks love plastering their screen with tickers, the majority of soccer fans despise them. Hence the reason why NBCSN made the wise decision to eliminate tickers running across the bottom of the screen during Premier League matches.

With the busy end of the soccer season around the corner, and World Cup 2014 less than 100 days away, now is the time to check out a brand-new product called TickerBlocker that does just as the name suggests.

Attached to the front or sides of the set with simple hook-and-loop fasteners, TickerBlocker can work on televisions from 30″ to more than 90″. TickerBlocker is created from a custom-designed elastic material that does not become transparent when stretched, while remaining soft enough to not scratch or damage the television screen or housing.

The creators of TickerBlocker built the first prototype when they wanted to watch one sporting event while recording another to watch later. “We needed to create something that could easily be stretched across the bottom of the TV and went on and off whenever you wanted,” said TickerBlocker inventor Larry Tobin. “Once we built it for ourselves, we realized that other dedicated sports fans must also want to stop sports spoilers.”

TickerBlocker has a retail price of $9.99, but is currently available for 10% off as part of a launch promotion by using promo code SAVE10.

TickerBlocker can be purchased on the product website.

19 thoughts on “Soccer Fans, Prevent Spoilers and Annoying Tickers With TickerBlocker”

  1. I also need something for the top right hand corner for the NBCSN scores and the equally annoying dropdown score alert under the match clock for FOX’s Champions League games. And if I see a Progressive Insurance advert one more time…

  2. If tickers are a bother to you than by all means drop the 10 bucks on this low tech odd product. For me, tickers arn’t distracting at all because I’ve become used to them over the years. We don’t want the “majority” of soccer fans to be angry or stessed, now do we?

  3. In the spirit of Viz’s top tips, save yourself $10 and cover the annoying bits of your TV with ductape and/or post-it notes. Works well with laptops and iPads too.

  4. Before NBCSN’s decision, I took several playing cards from an old deck, cut them in half lengthwise and inserted them at the bottom of the TV set. :)

  5. This problem is getting worse. NBCSN not only show the spoilers in the top right hand corner, but last weekend Rebecca Lowe cut in immediately the final ball had been kicked to verbally tell us that Arsenal were now four points away from Chelsea, thereby giving away the result of the Gunners match with Stoke. At the same time NBC put up a live, top of the league table. I was just about to watch the Arsenal game on my DVR – yet again NBC spoilt it.

    Why do they have to do this? Get rid of the updates – you’re spoiling our enjoyment.

  6. I have already placed my order. But it is real unfortunate that it has to come of this in the age where networks often tout that one could (legally) “watch live programming on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops” while the same could be said for up to the second live scores, news, and updates. It is about time these networks realize it and start doing away with the ticker.

    But in the meantime, I am looking forward to utilizing the TickerBlocker!

  7. There are two camps — those who have grown up watching sports on television with tickers, who think they’re no big deal. And those who are not used to seeing tickers (either who are a little older, from a different country, or are inconveinced by them).

  8. I watch the Premier League Extra Time games as they don’t have a ticker or show any scores. I then record the one on NBCSN to watch later.

    Unfortunately Fox Sports 1 and 2 have tickers and there’s nothing one can do about those except with something like the tickerblocker.

  9. Thanks for sharing Chris! This will replace my wrapping paper plus scotch tape option to hide the ticker. The black cover will match the TV better.

    It’s not so much the score updates, but rather the screen annoyance while watching a game.

    At some point, I would hope that TVs come with customizable digital layers, some kind of draggable black bar to hide content anywhere on the screen. For now, this option will suffice.

  10. Very cool – I’ve needed something like this. I’ve done the tape/stack books thing too, but this is the way to do it unless you just can’t scratch up $10 I guess. Will be worth the money just so my GF doesn’t make fun of my homemade version . . .

  11. Actually you know who this is perfect for – old folks. I know my grandparents hate the ticker, just even for news and stuff. And they aren’t gonna be putting tape or whatever on their tv but they’d probably use this

  12. Just ordered one. I was actually thinking about making something like this … not for my sports watching (doesn’t really bother me there), but for my kids. Great idea.

  13. I’m 20 minutes into the Barcelona/Ajax game I recorded last night, and because I failed to tape my papers across the bottom of the screen I now know the game will end with Barcelona winning 2-0. Thanks Fox Sports for saving me time. I hate the tickers.

  14. Watching a taped Live European Qualfier and left hand side of screen has results of other taped but not yet watched matches. Why can’t these results be kept to a small portion of the screen (so I can cover them) or not shown until after the match. I don’t like knowing results before I watch a match.

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