Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid, Spurs vs Cardiff, Swansea vs Palace & Aston Villa vs Norwich: Open Thread

The problem with world soccer games is that there are often times where there are too many excellent matches on at the same time. Which one(s) should we watch?

Today’s a perfect example as there are four key matches on at the same time — the Madrid derby, Tottenham Hotspur versus Cardiff, the relegation battle between Swansea and Crystal Palace and, last but not least, Aston Villa versus Norwich City.

For viewers in the United States, the TV schedule is as follows:

Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid, 11am, beIN SPORTS, beIN SPORTS Espanol and DishWorld
Spurs vs Cardiff, 11:30am, NBCSN
Swansea vs Crystal Palace, 11:30am, Premier League Extra Time
Aston Villa vs Norwich, 11:30am, Premier League Extra Time

Programming note: For viewers in the United States, the Madrid derby will be shown live on beIN SPORTS and Dishworld at 11am ET on Sunday. Even if you don’t have a TV subscription to beIN SPORTS or beIN SPORTS Espanol, you can access those channels via online streaming service DishWorld for $10/month. Read our review of DishWorld. And sign up for DishWorld via their website.

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

24 thoughts on “Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid, Spurs vs Cardiff, Swansea vs Palace & Aston Villa vs Norwich: Open Thread”

  1. Swansea might be knackered having played Thursday in the Europa League. They appeared spent at the end of that loss to Napoli. Crystal Palace have an good opportunity to take three points from this one.

    1. Most definitely. Swansea were emotionally spent, too, after that game. Surprisingly, Monk has named a strong starting squad today, most of whom played on Thursday in Italy: Vorm, Rangel, Chico, Williams (C), Davies, Britton, de Guzman, Dyer, Hernandez, Routledge, Bony.

  2. Nicely played by Real Madrid to beat the offside to score the opening goal. This derby is fever pitch so far.

  3. So nice to see World Soccer Talk back to its former self. Rebecca back at NBCSN where she belongs. Perfect Sunday.

  4. Watching Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid and Swansea vs Crystal Palace at the same time. I’m getting whiplash from looking back and forth between the two screens.

  5. Great second half between Atleti and Real Madrid. The Atletico Madrid fans and players are convinced that the referee is trying to win the game for Real Madrid. One of the Atleti coaches got into a heated face-to-face screaming match with the referee, and really got in his face before being pulled away.

  6. TP is manager of the year for him to drag CP out of the bottom three is amazing. Nothing fancy just good hard nose football. Well done Tony. I know the season is not over but Crystal Palace are not going down.

    1. I know Pulis’ ability to win with subpar players is just incredible. The man may play ugly football, but it’s the results which count and he is a master at obtaining them, with players most would rightly call rubbish. Over the last few months I have gained a new found respect for his abilities, however I still don’t care for his football style.

        1. I do I agree with you that objectively you could make a strong case for Pulis being manager of the year, I would also put Martinez and Rodgers in that conversation, especially if Everton get Champions league football or Liverpool finish in the top 3.

  7. I said ever since he got the job that at worst Palace would still be in it until the last game of the season. The fact that the imbecile Holloway is everybody’s darling and Pulis most people’s whipping boy shows the media experts up for the chancers and blaggers that they are.

    1. Holloway is far from everyone’s darling. He’s already worn out his welcome at the Den. Palace got the better end of that deal.

  8. I suppose Leicester and now Millwall fans will see past the clowning and ranting. It’s a shame he couldn’t keep quiet once in a while.

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