Clint Dempsey Pictured Wearing New USMNT World Cup Kit: Leaked [PHOTO]

USMNT Captain Clint Dempsey is pictured in a series of new images to promote the upcoming launch of the USA’s World Cup home uniform, which will be unveiled by Nike next week.

In the promotional image, Dempsey is pictured in an action shot, wearing the new US Men’s National Team World Cup kit — giving us a first glimpse at the shorts and socks the team will wear, as well as new close-up images of the jersey itself.

The close-up images reveal how the side panels on the USMNT World Cup shirts are laser-cut for extra ventilation. Plus, the back of the shirt features a mesh design to let air in and out.

Previously leaked photos of the USMNT 2014 home shirt have been revealed here and here and here.

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