3 Manchester United Footballers Who Are Dragging David Moyes Down

This season has been a tough time for Manchester United. After the first few months of David Moyes’ Manchester United career went poorly, many expected the team to finally pick up in the second half, an expectation that failed to materialize. Now, languishing at sixth in the table while its future in the UEFA Champions League tournament is hanging by a thread after a 2-0 loss against Olympiacos, more pressure than ever is being hurled at Moyes from all sides of the media, with blame for the disappointing season almost exclusively placed on his shoulders.

Although Moyes deserves some fault for his team’s struggles this season, the blame cannot be entirely placed upon him. Certain players on the United side have failed to step up and, as a result, have helped to cause their team’s decline. So which players’ poor seasons are hurting the team the most?

1. Patrice Evra

Many would argue that last season was the beginning of the end for Evra at Manchester United, with his defensive abilities called into question multiple times. Even then, the left-back had the best scoring season of his career with 4 goals in all competitions, and was still a factor in United winning the title. This time around, his defending has been less than impressive and the scoring is absent. If one moment could sum up a season, it was when Evra elected to walk, not run, back to his own half during an Arsenal counter attack in the recent 0-0 draw.

This momentary disregard of defending duties has been all too common for Evra this season and has caused the team problems, with either no one getting back to cover the position, or a winger having to cover and sacrifice an attacking position. Both situations cause problems for the team and can result in an opposition goal or a hampered counter attack.

Evra’s overall poor defensive displays, coupled with declining attacking qualities have led the long-serving left-back to become more of a liability than a leader on the pitch this season.

2. Nemanja Vidic

The captain has to lead by example and unfortunately that hasn’t happened for Vidic this season. The cult-hero of sorts has had a tough time keeping up at the back, and his lack of pace certainly hasn’t helped as he has gotten older. Neither have various ankle injuries that have impacted him throughout his career.

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