FA Cup Fifth Round, Saturday: Open Thread

Here’s today’s TV schedule for soccer fans in the United States:

Sunderland vs Southampton (FA Cup), 7:45am, FOX Sports 2, FOX Deportes and FOX Soccer 2Go
Cardiff vs Wigan (FA Cup), 10am, FOX Sports 2, FOX Deportes and FOX Soccer 2Go
Sheffield Wednesday vs Charlton (FA Cup), 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go – Postponed
Manchester City vs Chelsea (FA Cup), 12:15pm, FOX Sports 2, FOX Deportes and FOX Soccer 2Go

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

52 thoughts on “FA Cup Fifth Round, Saturday: Open Thread”

  1. Watching Fox Sports 2 in SD is such a difference to watching NBCSN and EXtera Time in HD. And both big games City-Chelsea and Arsenal-Liverpool are also on FS2. Hate it.

    1. I know fox is such a disaster. Both the big games should be on fox over the air. I guess college basketball or racing take precedent, pathetic.

      1. Agree. That and the fact that FS2 has that annoying ticker at the bottom with scores and results from the world of sport. Fox is reminding me how much I hated them when they had the EPL.

        1. This is FOX’s attempt to create more demand for FS2. I am upset that instead of Sunderland/Southampton they showed Fox Sports Live replays.

      1. I have been watching a lot of the Olympics and I have not seen or heard her but I have seen and heard Lee Diffy that does their open racing coverage.

        1. I’m not sure where she is but I saw proof she’s been on. I saw a video where she bet Al Michaels (what he called) “a pence” or about a quarter that the Britain would beat the U.S. in women’s curling.

        1. Pity FIFA doesn’t use the Hockey format for penalty kick shootouts – maybe England might actually win one. Just have Gerrard and Lambert take all the kicks!

      2. She’s been hosting the early morning coverage from 3am ET to around 8am/9am ET. The reason why it’s hard to spot Rebecca or any of the hosts is because they only appear briefly between events or in breaks during said events

  2. Wigan beating Cardiff at halftime so the FA Cup holders are still in it. Another game in which the attendance is lacking. At this stage of the season teams like Cardiff and Sunderland are more interested in league survival so the FA Cup isn’t a priority.

  3. The fa cup certainly losing his prestigous! Those clubs like sunderland and cardiff making it worse,and ugly this beatifull and historic trophy. Expecting a full house etihad later.

    1. It all depends what happens in the draw tomorrow. With two of the following teams getting knocked out of this round (Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal), it’s possible.

  4. Did FOX think by putting these big games on FS2 it would get people to complain to their providers to add the channel? Putting preseason NASCAR on FS1 is just a joke.

  5. Interesting to see FOX mixing things up a bit today. Host Will Selva instead of Rob Stone. And FOX has hired Dani Behr who could be a replacement for Julie Stewart-Binks. Although JSB is in Sochi, so it could be a temporary change.

    Good to see Mario Melchiot back on the screen especially with his ties to Chelsea in the past.

  6. Just got up to watch Chelsea and City only to find it’s on crappy FS2 which I don’t get. I don’t get these idiots, they showed Spurs-Arsenal on regular Fox and now they have two of the top sides in the league in a fifth round clash and it’s relegated to a channel nobody watches. Bloody ridiculous.

  7. Cue Jose Mourinho preparing his thoughts for his post-match press interview, saying that Chelsea didn’t want to win the FA Cup anyway 😉

  8. Great call by the commentator on Nazri’s goal. If Luiz had kept on playing after Silva’s pass instead of stopping and raising his arm looking for an offside call he could have stopped Nazri.

    I really hate seeing players do that.

  9. Well it’s done and dusted. Who knew the secret to beating Chelsea was to not play Hart or Demichelis. Wish we would have figured that out sooner.

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