WATCH Jose Mourinho Saying That Arsene Wenger is a “Specialist In Failure” [VIDEO]

Arsene Wenger is a “specialist in failure,” according to Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

The Special One uttered those words today in a press conference ahead of this weekend’s FA Cup matches between Chelsea and Manchester City (and Arsenal versus Liverpool).

But Mourinho’s words are the latest in his mind games as he tries to unsettle Arsenal in the race for the 2013/14 Premier League title.

Watch the video here:

19 thoughts on “WATCH Jose Mourinho Saying That Arsene Wenger is a “Specialist In Failure” [VIDEO]”

  1. Managed only team in Epl to go undefeated for a entire season, yeah real “specialist in faliure”. And before anyone goes on about it being eight years since they won a trophy, look the economics of the game changed, and Wenger has been unwilling or unable to change with the times, however, I don’t think this makes him failure, stuborn, perhaps. And from the perspective of the owner’s of the team, he has a been absolute success, I mean how many teams has the loud mouth one made money for, not that money earned should be the calculus to judge one’s success as a manager, however, it is one of many imporant metrics to consider, when evaluating “failure”, along with record of past success, etc. Does anyone believe the loud mouth one would have had anymore success these Arsenal teams the last eight years. Yeah, I know what your thinking Mou would have bought different players, etc. which he would have, because loud mouth one’s recipe for success is buy, buy, buy.

    1. Wenger had success with a defence he inherited. Once they’d gone so did the winning. He gets far too much credit for that.
      Jose won the CL with a net spend under 500k which is remarkable.

      1. Kenn,

        No doubt Jose is a great bus driver. My fundamental point is Wenger, given his history, cannot be consider a failure, in fact his consistent record of Champion League qualifications and round of 16 qualifications is very impressive. Look I am not a fan of Wenger or Arsenal, however, anyone can see Wenger has not been a failure. This comment is just the loud mouth one making an a** of himself, again. One would think the stooges in the media would tire of this idiot’s incessant driveling, but I digress.

        1. Wenger has been a failure for the past 8 years. You fail when you don’t accomplish your goals. The goal is to win a trophy. As good as the round of 16 and champions league qualifications are… the goal is to win the title. Any other job in the prem and he would have been sacked.

  2. Iam united fun. Spot on josee! Arsenal funs are all of you blind? 9 years with out even community shield forget others with a big club. Arsenal funs you don’t feel the shame really!this is shame! And you are still defending this crazy old man. I pray god day and night that iam not an arsenal fun. Even can’t see winning a trophy with this guy in the helm next decade..

  3. Why are people so hung up on the # of years Arsenal have gone without a trophy?? There are a multitude of teams in the English league system that haven’t won a trophy in the last 20 years.

    Is it because people feel they are big spenders? Have they looked at the spending (previous to Ozil) and compared that spending to the rest of the EPL?

    1. The difference is Arsenal are traditionally viewed as a top 4 team and are therefore expected to win a trophy every once in a while. Like it or not the league has about 15 teams who aren’t expected to win something each season.

        1. I can see your point scott. But then you could argue Arsenal should stop calling themselves title contenders if qualifying for Champions League football is already considered overachieving

          1. I think your until they willing to compete financially, they really shouldn’t consider themselves title challengers. I think they are atleast one or two great transfer window away.

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