Start Your 7-Day Free Trial to FOX Soccer 2GO

FOX Sports is offering a free 7-day trial of its FOX Soccer 2Go streaming service, that lets you watch the best in Champions League, FA Cup, Europa League, A-League and more on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The 7-day free trial to FOX Soccer 2Go ends on February 20, so your best bet to get the most out of the free trial is to sign up today. This way you’ll be able to watch all of the matches available starting this weekend with the FA Cup, the UEFA Champions League matches on Tuesday and Wednesday and the Europa League action next Thursday.

Some of the matches you can watch on your free trial include Manchester City vs Barcelona (UEFA Champions League), Arsenal vs Liverpool (FA Cup), Manchester City vs Chelsea (FA Cup), Arsenal vs Bayern Munich (Champions League), Dnipro vs Tottenham (Europa League) and many more.

FOX Soccer 2Go runs on your computer, Android device, iPad and iPhone.

Here’s the schedule of FREE matches you can watch during the next week via FOX Soccer 2Go:

All times Eastern.

Saturday, February 15:

Sunderland vs Southampton (FA Cup), 7:45am
Cardiff vs Wigan (FA Cup), 10am
Sheffield Wednesday vs Charlton (FA Cup), 10am
Manchester City vs Chelsea (FA Cup), 12:15pm

Sunday, February 16:

Everton vs Swansea (FA Cup), 8:30am
Sheffield United vs Nottingham Forest (FA Cup), 10am
Arsenal vs Liverpool (FA Cup), 11am

Monday, February 17:

Brighton vs Hull City (FA Cup), 2:45pm

Tuesday, February 18:

Manchester City vs Barcelona (UEFA Champions League), 2:45pm

Wednesday, February 19:

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich (UEFA Champions League), 2:45pm

Thursday, February 20:

Dnipro vs Tottenham (Europa League), 1pm
Swansea City vs Napoli (Europa League), 3pm

Plus, you can watch live matches from the A-League, Celtic vs St Johnstone, 15 other Europa League matches and more.

Sign up for your free 7-day FOX Soccer 2GO trial today. Cancel at anytime.

16 thoughts on “Start Your 7-Day Free Trial to FOX Soccer 2GO”

  1. Different subject but the best news of the possible Comcast/TWX deal is that TWX subscribers should finally get Extra Time. Never could get an answer as to what their challenge was to giving direct access to it. Had to use the Roku work-around. Poor quality and no DVR capability was a drag. Hooray for Comcast (assuming the deal goes thru).

    1. It’s typically a clean feed. For the UEFA Champions League matches, it’s so clean that it typically doesn’t show the score bug in the top left window.

  2. FoxSoccer2go is useless at this point. Not enough content. if you got beinsport and nbcsports in your tv subscription then you don’t need much else.

    1. Well, except if you want to watch the Champions League and FA Cup. Those tournaments are a pretty big deal. But I do wish that the rights to these competitions were more consolidated under fewer rights-holders so that each service would have more content.

      1. LOL! I’d love to, it’s a hassle but you can get the service for free as long as you want when these trials are available.

  3. If Fox was serious about soccer they would not put tomorrow’s FA Cup games on Fox Sports 2.Dish Network subscribers now have to watch these games in SD!

  4. I would avoid Fox Soccer 2go. I signed up got an error but I have a hold for $19.99 from my bank.

    The best part is they have no phone number and only provide service through e-mail.

    They wanted me to send my bank card number to them in an e-mail. I think not.

    I have sent 8 e-mails and still no fix. In end very bad customer service and missed the games today.

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