Andy Gray to Return to BT Sport This Weekend Despite Sexism Video: Daily Soccer Report

Soccer co-commentator and pundit Andy Gray will return to BT Sport this weekend to commentate the FA Cup match between Arsenal and Liverpool in the fifth round of the FA Cup despite the controversy regarding a recently leaked video showing Gray making sexist remarks.

Gray returned to UK television last month for the first time in several years when he co-commentated the game between Everton and Stevenage. The feedback regarding his appearance was mostly positive, but just days later, previously unseen footage leaked of Gray making sexist remarks on a video that was recorded between 2001-06 was leaked on the Internet. Rumors were that the footage was leaked on purpose by someone with a connection to Sky Sports who wanted to damage BT Sport and/or Gray.

Now that the uproar regarding the sexist comments have calmed down, BT Sport has announced that Gray will commentate another FA Cup game. The broadcast commentary should be played around the world, so viewers outside the UK will be able to listen to Gray too.

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23 thoughts on “Andy Gray to Return to BT Sport This Weekend Despite Sexism Video: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Unless somebody can come up with a video from the past 3 years then there is no problem and that’s precisely the mentality BT are using. Well done BT for sticking to your guns and going ahead as planned. No doubt there will be a fresh video leak next week though…

    I personally think it’s all just part of their plan to gradually work one of them back in the UK broadcasting landscape before ultimately working both of them in to front their Champions League coverage!

  2. Andy Gray is a disgrace. If his comments had been racially, ethnically, or religiously motivated instead of gender-based, no one would stand for it. Discrimination like this shouldn’t be tolerated.

      1. Hey Frill Artist, you think you’re funny but you sound like a complete loser. Are you a little man with huge inadequacies? That’s what I’m guessing. Jonathan’s above critique applies to this website as well. To the editor: are you going to tolerate it when someone posts something racially offensive? Because it looks like you tolerate misogyny. And look that word up caveman Frill Artist, because that’s what you represent.

  3. I agree with Paul… BT is setting up a return for Gray and Keys for their Champions League coverage. I for one would welcome it… Andy is the pundits pundit an te best colour guy in the business hands down. I only wish he would be paired again with Tyler.

    Will we get Andy on the Fox broadcast?

    Chris, thanks for the Billy Duffy link! I would have missed it otherwise


  4. Well done Roy for not bringing back Terry. He is proven poison in an England squad. Sounds like he about to end Cole’s England career too. Ashley has been a tremendous servant but it’s Baines time now.

    England are going inthis World Cup with an underrated but together squad. We might just be the surprise package of the tournament.

      1. So fox is putting the two big fa cup matches on fox sports 2, what a disgrace fox has become, both of the big matches should be on over the air fox.

        1. On Saturday, FOX Sports 1 is showing NASCAR from Daytona. On Sunday, they’re showing college basketball on FOX Sports 1.

          1. Fox could have shown both the Manchester City-Chelsea and Arsenal-Liverpool games on their main Fox channel. On Saturday they have a basketball game that begins at 4pm and on Sunday they have NASCAR that begins at 1pm. So they could have shown both on their over-the-air regular Fox channel.

  5. I was going to say Andy Gray brings a bit of passion to the booth, but the feminists on this board might take it the wrong way.

  6. How is this possible chris ? World wide commentry will hear the world feed commentry in the cup. I guess its martin tyler and matt jackson. I think this are the rules. Bt coverage is only on uk. World wide coverage are world feed team.

    1. We got Andy Gray on the commentary for the Everton-Stevenage FA Cup game a few weeks ago. In the States, at least, we heard it.

  7. To be fair i didn’t have the chance to listen gray since famously he left sky which we were hearing his championsleague commentry. I think he is better than micheal owen having heard him pltv team analaysis team.

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