Jose Mourinho Says Yaya Toure Decision Lets Players Do Anything They Want: Daily Soccer Report

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has warned that Premier League footballers now have carte blanche to do what they want if the referee doesn’t see it, after Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure was not charged with violent conduct after stamping on Norwich’s Ricky van Wolfswinkel in the match on Saturday.

Mourinho said:

“If he’s not suspended, the message is clear: the players can do what they want if the referee doesn’t see. The message is normally that, if the FA defends football, he’d have to be suspended.

“Of course, I would be disappointed if he is not punished. If he is not, it has to be the same for everyone: if the referee doesn’t see, a player can do whatever he wants.

“It doesn’t matter about cameras or others seeing, I can do whatever I want. If they make the rule that action can be taken if a referee has missed something, they have to apply that rule.”

Toure escaped punishment yesterday from The FA, but the Football Association did charge Craig Bellamy with violent conduct for a similar incident where he punched Swansea midfielder Jonathan de Guzman.

Mourinho’s words will add fuel to the fire that Manchester City are getting off easy by referees (and The FA) this season.

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7 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Says Yaya Toure Decision Lets Players Do Anything They Want: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. More talk before this weekend. Chelsea have already shut City down twice this year. It looks as if Jose wants to sweep the leg.

  2. Mourinho is just trying to gain an edge for the FA Cup encounter. He wants to make sure that the referee will not allow Toure to get away with anything and make it ore likely that Toure will be cautioned. Mourinho always has an agenda.

    As for the decision to let off Toure. The panel of 3 looked at the incident and at least one felt it didn’t merit a red card but a yellow. All 3 have to agree that it was a red card offence for the player to be banned. One former referee stated after the game that he thought it should have been a yellow card at best.

  3. “The Secret Gang….” article was very informative and explains exactly how and by whom the rulings were made. I was not completely clear about the procedure. It is soundly thought out, if not perfect.

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