‘It Was Like Being Back In the Conference,’ Fulham Defender Says About Man United: Daily Soccer Report

After this past weekend’s 2-2 draw against Manchester United, Fulham defender Dan Burn compared defending United’s crosses to playing in the non-league conference:

“I’ve never headed that many balls since the Conference. We knew that was going to happen and I was happy for them to play like that.

“I’m six foot seven. It helps when dealing with those sort of balls.

“When we started dropping further back we wanted to get more compact and make them play around us because we had the strength in numbers.

“Manchester United still have amazing players – on another day they could have scored more often but we defended really well.”

Meanwhile, to make matters worse for David Moyes, Fulham manager Rene Meulensteen says that Manchester United’s gameplan was easy to combat and very straightforward. Ouch.

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9 thoughts on “‘It Was Like Being Back In the Conference,’ Fulham Defender Says About Man United: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. That’s why a lot of people are calling for Moyes to be fired. It’s not the losses: it’s how United lost.

    No imagination. Hard work, yes, but no flair while the team supposedly has Rooney and Mata who can provide creativity to play in the middle. Instead, they kept on crossing and crossing and crossing….

  2. I called Moyes to United long before Fergie retired boy was i wrong.Not sure how much blame goes to Moyes and how much to Players not playing to potential.What a mess the back four a mess midfield a mess strikers good keeper good.subs average at best.

  3. Objectively, everyone says play through the middle, but you can only play through the middle if you have space to exploit. Sure, you can hook a fantastic pass down the middle like Michael Carrick did few times yesterday, but there should be some room for Van Persie or Rooney to control and then find an outlet. That outlet was not available so they ended up passing back. Then they starting going down the flanks and since Fulham overloaded the middle of the park, the only option was to cross and cross and cross.

    So, both Moyes and the player’s are at fault here. Rooney and Mata should understand that they are two most creative players on the pitch and they should be more than capable of understanding that the crossing just isn’t working so they need to do something together. I mean, this isn’t just do whatever your manager tells you to do. So, I think these creative players are not helping Moyes either.

    I mean, I would like to blame David Moyes for everything, but when you have players of the calible of Mata, Rooney, Van Persie, they should take the game by the scruff of the neck and just play the damn game. Do any us of honestly think that Moyes would get angry if Mata and Rooney interchange passes in the middle and then instead of spreading pointless passes to the flanks, play into Van Persie’s feet and they score?

    I read everywhere about Moyes being blamed for everything, and he is partly to blame, but Jesus, not everything that is currently wrong at United is Moyes’s fault.

  4. Not everything is Moyes’ fault, but I do feel like this is rapidly reaching a tipping point where it’s getting poisonous really fast.

    Consider this: If United called other EPL clubs and offered to trade managers with them, would ANYONE take them up on it?

    If Moyes gets fired, is he even managing in the EPL next year? I bet he doesn’t even get a job right away and would have to wait some relegation-threatened team to fire their manager and come in to fix things (like Tony Pulis at Palace).

    Honestly, I almost don’t think managers matter that much except to make a bunch of poorly-educated and superstitious footballers think that they are Tactical Jesus. Once a manager goes in the toilet this badly, I’m not sure how he can recover.

  5. All fine, but has anyone noticed how all the top teams are open game for losses and ties. It’s more than just the downfall of Manchester United, but some sort of parity coming in to the league this season. Very refreshing.

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