Fulham Against Liverpool May Be Postponed Due to Underground Strike

Fulham’s match against Liverpool, scheduled for Wednesday night at Craven Cottage in west London, may be postponed due to safety concerns resulting from a potential London Underground strike.

Fulham released a statement on its club website that read:

“Following a number of enquiries regarding how the potential London Underground strike action may affect Wednesday evening’s fixture against Liverpool, the Club can confirm that it is currently proceeding on the basis that the game will go ahead.

“However, the Club has concerns over the potential impact that the strike may have on the ability of its safety staff to attend the ground in sufficient time and numbers to ensure that it is able to open the ground and effectively operate it, from the time that the gates are open to the public until the departure of all supporters.

“After consulting with the Local Authority and the Metropolitan Police, it has been decided that if the proposed action is still undetermined at 3pm tomorrow (Tuesday), and the Club cannot guarantee enough staff are available to attend the ground in sufficient time and numbers, then as a consequence the Club would not be able to comply with the terms of its safety certificate and the fixture would be postponed and rescheduled for a future date.”

A further statement will be released at 3pm on Tuesday to confirm whether the game will go ahead or be postponed.

The London Underground workers went on strike last week, and another 48-hour strike is now planned from 21:00 GMT (4pm ET) on Tuesday unless a deal can be agreed.

Fulham’s Craven Cottage is located very close to the London Underground stops at Putney Bridge, Fulham Broadway and Parsons Green.

The other Premier League match taking place in London on Wednesday night is Arsenal against Manchester United. The club has already instructed supporters traveling to the game to take alternative transportation instead of the London Underground.

10 thoughts on “Fulham Against Liverpool May Be Postponed Due to Underground Strike”

    1. Jeez! With that comment I can tell you’ve never been to London. As if it’s not bad enough already, amplify that by 10 when there’s a tube strike on!

      Plus the train from Liverpool to London, then the tube once you get there, takes 2-3 hours off the journey! Midweek treks across the country for evening kickoffs are bad enough on the travelling supporter as it is. Least they should be able to do is travel as quickly and easily as possible!

  1. I doubt very much that the game will be called off as travelling fans have been informed of the strike and asked to make alternate arrangements to get to the games. Only if it affects crowd safety will the games be called off. This strike has been known for some time so they have had time to plan around it.

    1. Travelling supporters haven’t been informed of anything. The only information the club has issued is to duplicate the Fulham statement and to say that further information will be published as soon as it becomes available – i.e. at 3pm tomorrow.

  2. Fulham are trying it on to try and get a break after playing 120 minutes and then running themselves ragged against Utd. Also gives them more time to try and get their big new signing fit.
    No other club in London is having the issue.

  3. The match is going ahead as scheduled. I believe the strike is off. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how well Liverpool do after their unbelievable performance against Arsenal. They always seem to play worse after a good win and don’t play well away either. They have the worst away record of any top 7 side.

    Fulham did rest some of their senior players so they will come back into the side and their confidence will be buoyed by their draw at Old Trafford. Some of their January signings, like Holtby, are key to their success. They should give Liverpool a good game. This game will be very close.

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