Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 25: Open Thread

Here’s today’s TV/Internet schedule for soccer fans in the United States:

Liverpool vs Arsenal, 7:45am, USA Network
Chelsea vs Newcastle, 10am, USA Network
Aston Villa vs West Ham, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Crystal Palace vs West Brom, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Norwich vs Man City, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Southampton vs Stoke, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Sunderland vs Hull City, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Swansea vs Cardiff, 12:30pm, NBC

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

109 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 25: Open Thread”

    1. If it was Arsenal, not only would it be offsides, but the commentators would be fuming mad. None of this, “eh well it may be a fraction offsides…”

  1. Chris-sorry to disrupt match talk but question for you please: yesterday PL Preview and News were not on, I assume bumped for Olympics, but PL Review wasn’t on last week either. I know NBC moves it around a lot but do you know if it has been dropped or is it aired only when NBC can fit it in?

    1. I think it’s only when NBC can squeeze it in, and with the olympics on, it’s getting pushed to the side for a few weeks.

  2. Quite frankly, ‘rout’ doesn’t do justice to how brilliant Liverpool has been & we’re only 20mins in! If they keep playing like this, I don’t want to imagine what the score could end up being

  3. I dont support either club and this is the only match on, but could these commentators be anymore in favor of Liverpool? This sh!t is out of control

    1. This commentary is worse than any NFL or NBA game. I get the excitement, but there are other words being filled in those gaps. And im a f$cking Spurs supporter!!!

  4. If Suarez doesn’t score this match will we hear how Suarez doesn’t score against the top teams or recognize that he’s been influential on the match so far?

  5. Horrid thing to be greeted to so early in the morning with that start. This was our game to lose, and we are certainly managing… hopefully second half will be better. I agree with the earlier comments about the commentator; I had to mute Liverpool’s number one cheerleader.

    1. I mute a large number of NFL and NCAA games because the bias is out of control. This was the first time I muted an EPL match. It just got to be a little much for my liking, usually NBC does a great job pairing up commentators with the matches.

    1. do you want all of their dreams or just dreams pertaining to football? Do you call people out by saying “tell us about your dreams” in real life? If so, do they break out in laughter at you?

        1. Here i am what? Were you looking for me specifically or Arsenal supporters in general?

          And dont call me cute. I dont come on to you.

  6. Think, not only is this demoralizing to Arsenal with Man City and Chelsea with easier matches and poised to take the top spot in the table BUT the loser of the Spurs v Everton match tomorrow will really be behind it for 4th spot

  7. Sterling making a case for andros Townsend’s England place. Hope Roy is watching. Sturridge, Sterling, Henderson all making their case. England might surprise a few people in June.

  8. Arsenal should refund the traveling supporters ticket price for that half-a$$ed performance. no way in Hades Arsenal wins the crown.It is now City vs Chelsea.GO FOREST beat Blackpool.

      1. Ian
        I know right after the transfer window closes they lose to starters what luck.Vaughan is out 3 or 4 weeks.Billy is going to earn his money if he can keep them rolling along.
        Who do you have Wales or Ireland today?

  9. Looks like the title will have to go through Liverpool. They are quite impressive at home. Liverpool-City and Liverpool-Chelsea will be must-watch. If Liverpool can beat the teams they should beat, like Fulham in midweek, then who knows they may even have a shot at the title. They just need to be more consistent. Long shot but this season has not gone according to form.

    Where do Arsenal go from here? Being beaten comprehensively against another top 4 team is not a good sign. With their upcoming fixture list they need to regroup quickly and beat United in midweek. If not, they could be dragged into the fight for 4th spot. All very interesting.

    Gotta love this season’s unpredictability and excitement. Long may it continue.

    1. Consistency is correct. They pull off this performance, but then will draw Cardiff City or Sunderland.

      This is only one game, but I think it really does show that Liverpool belong. Finally, a strong victory against a Top Five side!

        1. I think the whole squad are sh*t, was just curious why they singled him out. I’m watching the city game, did he do something stupid? Oh what am I thinking its Newcastle of course he did something stupid.

  10. Mourinho to Hazard at half time: “”Good goal Hazard but stop neglecting your defensive duties and track back you lazy b………”

  11. Hey,
    Watching the Chelsea game online, does anyone else think the co-commentator (who is it by the way?) is in love with Eden Hazard? The guy won’t shut up about him.

      1. It depends whether you get the pragmatic QPR/Bristol Rovers Holloway or the Palace/Blackpool Holloway. If you’ve got the Leicester Holloway you’re fu**ed.

  12. Arsene Wenger is rumored to be making a bid for the Chelsea team bus after it was left out of today’s match versus Newcastle.

  13. Norwich get their revenge by ending city’s title hopes. Lack of quailty depth, speed and tactical inflexibility have done them in. Of course it doesn’t help our best player is made of glass. Hopeful city will learn from Chelsea and invest in quality youth.

      1. Guguess we will see at the end of the season. But no I am not joking Chelsea have a deeper better squad and are not afraid to win ugly. Now that they have the lead I don’t see them relinquishing it.

  14. Forest 1-1 in the end. 15 games unbeaten though. An impressive run. Can Billy make any loan signings jtm?

    Happy with a point away at Southampton. We’re poor away this season (what’s changed I hear you cry).

    Pulis is cruising to safety with Palace, fair play.

    England rugby on TV now with Swansea vs Cardiff on Talksport.

    1. Ian
      These last minute draws are getting old last kick vs Bolton and now the last 5 minutes vs Bpool.I know 15 unbeaten is great but to many draws.

      Nice fight back for your Boys at St Mary’s well done.

      I know it won’t happen but T Pulis should be Manager of the year for keeping Palace up they wear $hit before he got their.

      I would love it if Billy can get some help on loan we need another Striker and mid-field help.

  15. Solid win for Burnley. The things they’re doing are unbelievable given the size of their resources compared to Leicester/QPR. Dyche could be nicked away if they manage to get promoted.

  16. Chelsea not only win but take over first place. City were poor against Norwich and in the end were actually lucky to get the point. Long way to go but Chelsea are now in the driver’s seat. Crazy season this has been so more twists and turns to come.

    West Brom look awful and might go down if they don’t turn things around. Aston Villa were equally poor and just cannot seem to put in a good performance at home. West Ham are moving away from the bottom and winning without Carroll is huge.

    Has any team had more sendings off in the first half than Sunderland? They keep making life difficult and today’s result hurts badly and their next game is City away. Good win for Hull.

    Looking forward to the Welsh derby in a few minutes. Hoping for an entertaining game. Both sides need the points badly.

  17. LoL at Farsenal…4 goals in 20 minutes, if not for LFC taking their foot off the pedal it could have been 8. That was with 11 “men” inc the 42 million pound moody Özil.

    Those skertal goals were weak, it’s like Dawson was wearing a kosielny mask. A shame it wasn’t a draw, but Farsenal getting smashed is always great. Yes spurs lost but that was v 10 men, well 8 if you inc Capoue at CB next to Dawson lol.

    A full strength Farsenal!

    Great viewing this morning. It’s like Wenger is pulling and Ade got, performing well in a contract year, gets the new contact and boom, back to same old same old.

    1. Thanks. That was a huge win. The win of the season for the Swans because not only was it the Welsh Derby, but it also meant so much after a very tough week. Glad to see Garry Monk getting a rapturous applause at the end (and nice of NBC to show it; if it was FOX they would have already broken away to a commercial).

  18. As much as I appreciate NBC offering all of the games live, why don’t they offer replays? or am I missing where they have “hidden” them on the website? The Replays “button” shows nothing.

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