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WATCH Russian Police Sing ‘Get Lucky’ At Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony [VIDEO]

russian police get lucky WATCH Russian Police Sing Get Lucky At Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony [VIDEO]

The best moment of the 2014 Winter Olympics has already happened today with members of the Russian Police singing and dancing to Daft Punk’s hit Get Lucky

The song was sung as part of the opening ceremony to the games, which is being held in Sochi at the Fisht Stadium, which will be one of 11 stadiums in Russia that will host the 2018 World Cup.

Another tie-in from the soccer world to the Winter Olympics is the role of Rebecca Lowe, who is one of the co-hosts of NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics.

I can guarantee that this video will be removed very quickly due to rights restrictions, so watch it now while you have a chance.

You’ve got to love this.

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6 Responses to WATCH Russian Police Sing ‘Get Lucky’ At Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony [VIDEO]

  1. Canadian Bacon says:

    In Soviet Russia, song sings you.

  2. Bo says:

    I’m truly sad for our Rebecca Lowe being taken away from us for 2 weeks. NBC did absolutely horrible with the Opening Ceremony once again. BBC was on a totally different planet compared to them.

    • Flyvanescence says:

      Why does nbc do sports perfectly for everything but the olympics, which they completely butcher?

      • Christopher Harris says:

        I didn’t watch the opening ceremony on NBC, but what did they do to butcher it other than not show it live, include a ton of commercials and edited it down?

        • @dpwac says:

          They edited the hell out of it, missing the live proformances and Lauer/Vieira being the most annoying @$$hat commentators as possible. So, like usual for NBC.

  3. IanCransonsKnees says:

    I thought you couldn’t openly promote homosexuality in Russia now? Quality, but absolutely as camp as Christmas – especially in those uniforms.

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