Manchester City vs Chelsea, Premier League Gameweek 24: Open Thread

Here we go. The biggest Premier League match of the season with so much on the line. Everyone’s predicting a cagey 1-0 match. Pellegrini and Mourinho may have a different scoreline in mind.

For viewers in the United States, the match will be shown live on NBCSN at 3pm ET.

The starting line-ups are in:

Manchester City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany (c), Nastasic, Kolarov, Navas, Demichelis, Toure, Silva, Dzeko, Negredo

Subs: Pantilimon, Boyata, Clichy, Milner, Rodwell, Lopes, Jovetic

Chelsea: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry (c), Azpilicueta; David Luiz, Matic; Ramires, Willian, Hazard; Eto’o

Subs: Schwarzer, Cole, Mikel, Lampard, Oscar, Salah, Ba

Team news: Torres is out due to an injury. Demichelis appears to be replacing Fernandinho in the midfield today.

Here’s Matt Jones’s preview of today’s pivotal match:

After another scintillating performance in midweek, Manchester City have given themselves a wonderful chance to cruise off into the distance at the top of the Premier League table. Tottenham were battered for the second time this season by Manuel Pellegrini’s team, and they show no signs of slowing down as we edge ever closer to the business end of the Premier League campaign.

City have a perfect home record and it’s difficult to see any team going to the Etihad and preventing a rout, never mind nicking a positive result. But if anyone can eek a draw or a narrow win out, it might be Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea team.

A wholly frustrating 0-0 draw against West Ham put a holt to their momentum in midweek, but Chelsea are a team who always seem to excel in what you’d call the “big” games. Their manager will have them well prepared for the task of facing City, and if they can somehow fashion a victory on the road, then it’d thrust them right back into the title reckoning.

A City win and it’s looking increasingly like they are going to be very, very difficult to halt on their way to Premier League glory.

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

39 thoughts on “Manchester City vs Chelsea, Premier League Gameweek 24: Open Thread”

  1. I can’t get the game to even start streaming on NBC Sports Live Extra. Anyone else having problems? It says “Buffering” for awhile and then just goes black.

    1. I was having the same problem with the West Ham-Swansea game on Saturday and I never was able to get it to work. The only thing I can recommend is to restart your computer and browser. If that doesn’t work, try it on a tablet.

  2. I can’t stand Arlo White commentating. His habit of going off into pointless tirades of mind numbing statistics that have little relevance to the game at hand just rubs me off the wrong way. I wish he would just shut up or talk less.

      1. “Oh and Chelsea playing with 10 men wearing half pink and half white socks have never conceded a goal before 35 minutes at home in front of a crowd of 65,000 when it’s snowing with a mix of rain while playing with a 4-1-2-1-2 formation. The only time they have ever conceded was back in 1979.”

        Okay, thanks for the information Mr Googler but I want to hear what is going on in the match not what happened 30 or 40 years ago.

        1. Haha. Nice job. The “qualified stat” is my least favorite bit of sports commentary. Unfortunately, it is rampant amongst pundits everywhere.

        2. cant stream today.. and like alot are suffering through Arlo’s talking about everything EXCEPT what is happening on the pitch. Tim Howard is no better.. I really dont know what NBC is thinking here.. this is NOT working. I think the more games Arlo does, the more he continues to talk about irrelevant issues and ignores key action on the pitch.

          this is just gimmicky from NBC


  3. i really hope USA go deep into the worldcup as i really do not want Tim Howard spoiling the worldcup knockout stages commentating.

    1. I think ESPN has the rights, no? If so, you’ll get Taylor Twellman telling you how awesome Kyle Beckerman is every match. Quite frankly, I’d rather listen to Howard mumble through a match than listen to TT. Or better yet, turn to ESPN Deportes.

  4. I suppose the Chelsea brigade will be on here giving it large after this one. Fair play. It’s made the title race a little more interesting.

  5. Thought wed lose as soon as i saw 4-4-2 with negredo and dzeko up top. Awful display, and Matic is outplaying Toure.

    But, this also shows how little depth we have at CM. Gareth Barry, where art thou?

      1. City could have easily been up 2-0 within the first ten minutes, which would have entirely changed the match and had numerous other opportunities to score. They converted nothing, which is less than Chelsea did.

          1. Guy is a Stoke supporter and I am a Forest supporter no bias just what he saw.If you go back and watch the first ten minutes you will see 3 very good chances.

          2. Ken, I’m a Stoke fan which gives me more than enough to worry about. I didn’t care one bit who won the match, was just stating
            my opinion. You don’t agree? Fine, but you don’t need to resort to calling people names like “gooner”. I’m devestated.

    1. He’s actually done it for at least two other matches this season. I’ve enjoyed listening to him. He’s done a pretty good job so far. It’s always nice to get some insights into the match from a level-headed player’s perspective. One who isn’t obnoxious and annoying to listen to.

  6. After today’s display no one one can ever we over paid for ferdinho. And who says city have depth? Demichellis at holding mid. However, all things considered it was a leftfooted shoot by a severer outside the box which beat em.

  7. Kyle Martino’s pre-match tactical analysis of Manchester City was quite laughable. “Double high triangles”? He should stick to MLS.

  8. lets be honest, the commentating on this game was atrocious, they made the biggest game of the season sound like a pre-season friendly, Tim Howard drones on all the time, no space was left unfilled, Arlo is OK with the other guys, but please, no more Tim Howard

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