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Manchester City Facing New Threat of European Expulsion: Nightly Soccer Report

manchester city Manchester City Facing New Threat of European Expulsion: Nightly Soccer Report

Manchester City’s place in the UEFA Champions League next season could be challenged by Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal because of detailed new UEFA rules over Financial Fair Play (FFP), according to an exclusive report in The Independent newspaper tonight.

The newspaper reports:

“A new problem has emerged in the obscure though highly significant small print of the new FFP rulebook. If City fail to meet FFP, a “directly affected party” has 10 days to appeal against any attempt by the club to then cut a deal with Uefa to reduce their sanction of a likely Champions League ban. City would then be exposed to a Uefa tribunal.

“The governing body may deliver their verdict on clubs’ finances as early as May. Arsenal and Liverpool have made it clear they expect strong enforcement of FFP by Uefa and both clubs could make the challenge – putting them in a state of open conflict with City – if either miss out on a Champions’ League place.

“City’s status in next year’s competition could only be challenged if they are first ruled a FFP defaulter and then reach a “settlement agreement”, which is effectively a plea bargain.”

Here’s video of Jose Mourinho talking about Manchester City’s “dodgy way” in how the club is dealing with Financial Fair Play:

Read the article linked below in The Independent for more insight and detail.

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7 Responses to Manchester City Facing New Threat of European Expulsion: Nightly Soccer Report

  1. Adam Heap says:

    Won’t happen, plain and simple. A lot of hype for nothing, mostly spurred on my the pathetically obvious attempts of Jose Mourinho to derail Pellegrini before Monday night’s game. Pellegrini has shrugged him off beautifully and hopefully will continue to do so.

    • Flyvanescence says:

      Am i the only one that wishes Mancini were still around just for the sake of the mind games and BS’ing that wud b going on between him and Mourinho right now?

      It would have been entertainment at his finest.

  2. steve says:

    Under UK law FFP is unenforceable under the “Restraint of Trade Act” which in a nutshell says that “Any rule enforced in order to create a level playing field for competitors is illegal unless it is an act of parliament.

    • I do not pretend to be a lawyer in any way, however…

      Any club that signs on with UEFA forfeits those local laws, similar to anti-trust exemptions enjoyed by Major League Baseball in North America. That had to have been part of the big UEFA / Group of 14 agreement that abolished G-14 for the European Club Association.

      FFP would never have gotten off the ground in the world of the Bosman ruling unless the lawyers figured out what’s what.

      That said, until FFP actually snags a significant club (Albanian league supporters, I apologize for sounding rude) I have no faith that it’s anything more than bluster and lawyers making work for themselves.

      Cutting a plea bargain and then a rival club having to do the governing body’s dirty work? That might be the way around national / EU labor laws, but that’s bollocks.


  3. BBC says:

    I’m not even sure if Pellegrini is aware that Mourinho exists.

  4. Dean Stell says:

    I just love the drama around FFP. I’ll admit, that I didn’t think of this angle that the complaining team would be the one who got elbowed out of the way by a non-compliant team like City.

    Anything that adds chaos is good in my book. We only have games once per week, I demand something else to entertain me. :)

  5. Delboy says:

    FFP is just red herring. PSG spend more than City with a 70% tax rate and earn less money, but UEFA only talk about banning City. Is it something to do with PSG being a French team? The UEFA President Michelle Platini being French? His son working for PSG? PSG being owned by the Qatar Royal family? Or that Platini voted for Qatar to have the world cup? Coincidence?

    Platini originally brought in the FFP to stop the English dominating because it was thought only English teams could attract international investment. PSG are not the biggest financial dopers in the world and he turns a blind eye because they employ his son. This is the man who voted oil rich Russia and Qatar as better places to have the world cup than the England, USA, Japan and Australia. I bet his bank balance is very good now.

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