What’s Your Soccer Guilty Pleasure?

Is there a league, team, footballer, hobby or aspect of soccer that is your guilty pleasure?

If so, let us know in the comments section below. There’s no need to be shy. We all probably have one. Do you watch a league or team that’s under the radar most of the time, or do you find yourself spending a lot of time on one or more soccer-related passions? Share with us!

For me, personally, I’m more of your mainstream soccer-viewing fan on television and Internet — which is mostly due to trying to stay on top of the major leagues and tournaments around the world, so I can continue to stay abreast of those stories. If I do have a guilty pleasure when it comes to soccer, it’s collecting Panini soccer sticker albums. It’s one of those addictions that comes along every two years. I can’t wait ’til this summer to see the World Cup 2014 sticker collection!

Here are more answers from readers:

26 thoughts on “What’s Your Soccer Guilty Pleasure?”

  1. Putting on my favorite players’ kits from my favorite team #MCFC and then taking credit when they go on to score. My girl asked me why I didn’t have on any for the game against Watford and I told her they didn’t need it. At half time I put on my Aguero and he went on to score a hat-trick. 😀

    1. Smokey
      I would be lonely if their was no Smokey to make me laugh.Then i would be the only loser since my side does not play in the Premiere League.

      1. I’m not having that jtm, there’s plenty of life outside the Premier League and it’s just as much fun.

        I went to Manchester beer festival at the Velodrome yesterday (incidentally you pass the Etihad training complex and academy, it’s stunning), on the way back I got talking to some Peterborough fans who’d given up following Spurs because of Premier League attitudes. Have a look at this match report on the gamd they went to yesterday:


        1. IAN
          I was just being snarkey I would never give up my passion for Forest no matter what League they play in.Just like Smokey would not give up his Lions.The two European Cups mean more to me than anything because that will never be done by a club of that size.Only super sides will win the CL.
          What a great match Oldham/Peterborough.5/4 0/3 at half and 6 mins of extra time in second half.
          Bottom line I am Forest to my last breath and damn proud,but we still need a quality striker.

  2. Jens lehmans antics when he was the Arsenal keeper. My dad couldn’t stand his theatrics, backchatting and timewasting but he and I couldn’t take stop watching him. He was a keeper we loved to hate.

  3. Watching football in Spanish Language just so I could hear “GOOOOOOOOOOOL”. There is nothing more galvanizing and it couldn’t replicate anywhere else.

  4. My guilty pleasure is assembling my “All Toilet Team”. On my roster is Kaka, Shittu, and Dudu. Feel free to fill out the roster, footy friends.

  5. Used to be Balotelli when he was at City. The guy was a riot even though he was an extremely frustrating footballer.

    Now its David Moyes memes. Im always looking for new ones.

  6. The Panini World Cup album/stickers will be out in April. That’s also one of my guilty pleasures. One of the few times my wife cares about footy.

  7. I can listen to Ian Holloway all day. Especially such classics as:

    “I’ve had such bad luck at the moment that if I fell in a barrel of boobs I’d come out sucking my thumb.”

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