Pellegrini Joins Wenger in Criticizing Juan Mata Transfer to Manchester United: Daily Soccer Report

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has joined Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in their criticism of the Juan Mata transfer to Manchester United.

Pellegrini was asked about Mata’s Chelsea to Manchester United move in today’s City press conference. Here’s what he said regarding the matter:

‘United are getting a very good player, but personally I do not agree that a transfer like this can happen in the middle of the season. I do not think a player should be allowed to go from one club to another in the same league in January.

‘It is not correct at this stage of the season. Maybe Arsene Wenger had a correct reason, when he pointed out Chelsea have already played United home and away, but my argument is a more general one.

‘I just feel that if a player has made more than five or six appearances for his club, then he cannot join another one in the same league at the midway point. I just think if a player plays for a club for more than half of the season, a club with money can take the best players from the other teams.

‘The rules are the rules, so you play by them, but I just think they should change. I am not saying scrap the January window, just change it.”

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