Pellegrini Joins Wenger in Criticizing Juan Mata Transfer to Manchester United: Daily Soccer Report

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has joined Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in their criticism of the Juan Mata transfer to Manchester United.

Pellegrini was asked about Mata’s Chelsea to Manchester United move in today’s City press conference. Here’s what he said regarding the matter:

‘United are getting a very good player, but personally I do not agree that a transfer like this can happen in the middle of the season. I do not think a player should be allowed to go from one club to another in the same league in January.

‘It is not correct at this stage of the season. Maybe Arsene Wenger had a correct reason, when he pointed out Chelsea have already played United home and away, but my argument is a more general one.

‘I just feel that if a player has made more than five or six appearances for his club, then he cannot join another one in the same league at the midway point. I just think if a player plays for a club for more than half of the season, a club with money can take the best players from the other teams.

‘The rules are the rules, so you play by them, but I just think they should change. I am not saying scrap the January window, just change it.”

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13 thoughts on “Pellegrini Joins Wenger in Criticizing Juan Mata Transfer to Manchester United: Daily Soccer Report”

    1. Tired narrative.

      Chelsea’s oligarchy is spinning around buying up the world. MUFC is the one who’s just bought Mata but they do business the right way, right?

      The only people who have a problem with money are those without it. You’d dream of having ownership that invested in the club like these owners do.

  1. I think he has a point, bt being a utd fan i dnt want hear these logic as we are in deep crisis and mata deal is a mental boosting

    1. Wait. What sense does that make? Barry has been loaned out for the season to Everton during the summer.

      What does that have to do with Pellegrini’s comments above?

  2. Pellegrini is making a general comment about transfers in January that is a very rational one. I agree with him.

    If I’m not mistaken, if Chelsea win the title then Mata would get a medal (I believe he has played the minimum number of games to qualify). Crazy since he is now a Man United player. So Pellegini’s comment about a player moving only if he has played no more than 5-6 games makes perfect sense.

    1. You would think they arguing that the player is cup tied or something, ridiculous …… Especially considering he’s going to a club that’s a more remote contender for the league this season.

    2. I also agree with Pellegrini. The fact that a player can play for more than half a season on one team then join another in the same league is ridiculous. Should be changed.

      United and Chelsea are just playing by the rules so neither can be faulted. Pellegrini isn’t saying Chelsea shouldn’t have done it he’s just saying that the policy is crazy. Cannot argue with that.

  3. What is wrong with this coaches? Don’t you want man united to progress? We (united) have lost so muuch just because of the poor midfield we have, but yet you don’t want us to buy players. Even if chelsea did not sell mata to us, we will still buy players that will eliminate you, especially arsenal.

  4. This shows that Mourinho does not see Man Utd as a threat and being a win at all costs manager will do anything that gives him an advantage, never mind how little. He has done nothing that is not allowed and got a fantastic deal for a player he won’t play. So on his part great business all round.

  5. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the loaning out of players to other premier league teams. Players who go out on loan should have to play in a different league/division from their parent club that way you don’t have the situation of the parent club having 3-4 players out on loan who can compete against direct rivals but are then made to sit out a match against the parent club.

    I guess it would be hard for the teams who rely on loan signings to survive but the only alternative is to lift the ban on players playing again their parent club.

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