Chelsea Agree Deal With FC Basel to Sign Winger Mohamed Salah

Chelsea have reached an agreement with FC Basel to sign 21-year-old winger Mohamed Salah.

Personal terms have still to be finalized with Salah, and the player needs to pass a medical before he can officially become a Chelsea footballer in a transfer that has been reported as £11million. Chelsea reportedly wanted to announce the Salah news before officially announcing the Mata transfer.

Liverpool were close to signing the player in December. Salah, a 21-year-old winger with 27 caps for Egypt and who is valued at 12million Euros, was named CAF Most Promising African Talent of the Year in 2012.

This is the second time this season where Chelsea have come in with bigger offers to “steal” players away from other clubs. Willian had agreed to join Tottenham Hotspur last summer, but Chelsea convinced the player to join the Blues instead. And now Liverpool is set to lose out on highly-rated attacking midfielder.

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23 thoughts on “Chelsea Agree Deal With FC Basel to Sign Winger Mohamed Salah”

  1. They’ve got no need for Salah. I’ll be surprised if he gets a game there. They’re simply stockpiling players in order to stop the teams around them pushing on. They waited until they’d played United for the last time this season before letting Mata go and now they don’t need Salah but they’ve swooped in to avoid letting Liverpool creep up on them.

    It’s fairly common knowledge that Salah would have preferred a Liverpool move for playing time but if the Chelsea move did come off, it’d be for financial reasons. Extremely lethal business practice but in the short term it’s a clever practice. Have to applaud Chelsea to be fair to them.

  2. Chelsea buying another midfielder that will be happy to sit behind all of their other midfielders. CFC strategy has been tip top. Sold De Bruyne for profit even though he barely played. Sold Mata for profit. Bought Salah for relatively cheap price. All of this while making United stronger to face City, Arsenal, etc

    Spurs and LFC both holding their d in their hand after CFC got deals done while they were pissing about on price.

    I cant stand CFC but they are making a mockery of the rest of the league’s deal makers

    1. In fairness to other dealmakers, the owners don’t give them a blank check to spend as they please, and they have other needs to fill on limited budgets, so must haggle for a better price.

      1. That argument only goes so far. Liverpool aren’t exactly running on a shoe string budget and the general budgets at the top level PL clubs aren’t exactly limited. It’s a big money league and if it comes down to a few million here or there difference, it’s nothing more than FSG still having cold feet after Dalglish spent so much of their money on his dodgy transfers.

        You don’t haggle in this game – unless you pay good money, you don’t get the best players. Something FSG struggle to come to terms with. We’re not at a flea market, it’s a multi billion £ industry.

        1. Paul, I would only argue that FSG has a pretty good track record of spending whatever is necessary to get the job done, at least in baseball where the big money for big players maxim also holds true.

          1. It’s a funny one Guy because there are a couple of ways to look at it. When they agreed terms with Brendan Rodgers, he was signed to a 3-year deal – and the aim was to finish in the CL spots at the end of next season (2014/15) – not this one. However… with the somewhat unexpected good start continuing into the new year the timing is perfect to go for it now, a year ahead of schedule, but instead they seem to be fine to hang back because they’re certainly not spending whatever is necessary at the moment.

            January isn’t the best month for players but it’s one that is essential for adding that bit extra to see the squad through to May. We’re running on a tiny squad now through injury etc, so to hear they’ve got cold feet on a deal they virtually had in the bag is disheartening to put it mildly.

            FSG spent whatever was necessary when they let Kenny have whatever funds he wanted and they quickly got their fingers burnt. Since then, they’ve been extremely coy in transfer dealings and that’s still not showing much sign of change. For every deal they decide is just too much for their liking, there’s another club willing to meet it. It’ll do nothing but leave Liverpool out in the cold for an even longer period. Top 4 is essential to any top club and dragging feet to get there is damaging.

            Look at United – if they finish 4th this year, they can realistically talk to a Cavani in the summer. They finish one place lower, I doubt he’d pick up the phone. CL is essential and FSG are too inconsistent at showing they’ve got the know how for this game IMO.

          2. Paul,

            I agree with everything you said here. I was thinking this morning when I saw the Salah news that LFC would be making a big mistake if they don’t plug a couple of holes right now. They are competing for fourth, not the title (did you hear that, Brendan). They have a legit shot at it, with all of the others aiming for that spot slipping up and/or showing weaknesses.

            Is Henry just afraid that Brendan will spend as poorly as Dalglish/Commoli? If so, that’s not a good sign.

            Yeah, it’s January, and not the best time to do deals. But LFC desperately needs a left back and defensive mid, and they need it now. Too many injuries and not enough depth, but the chance for fourth may not be there next season.

          3. As you say, Paul, maybe they are still feeling their fingers a little singed in the football transfer world. That can hardly help LFC. You need to be thoughtful in your spending, but timidity gets you nowhere, unless it’s going backward.

  3. Too bad for Salah’s career, look at has happened to Schurle after moving to Chelsea. Have fun roting on the bench, playing for that loud mouth thug.

  4. fair play to Chelsea, they have a the financial muscle so they are within the right to do this

    but as an LFC fan, I for one do not want a young player in my team who has not achieved anything in the game to choose money over game time. we got burned by Joe Cole, Downing et all so hope salah enjoys playing in the FA cup cause that is the only competition he’s going to get a lookin with Hazard, Lampard, Oscar, Willian ahead of him.

    1. Sadly, money talks the loudest. And his agent won’t have done anything to convince him Liverpool was the best choice for playing time… not when Chelsea probably agreed to give him a decent agents fee in return for the player signature. Sad. But very true.

  5. Welcome to chelsea “salah” great player should play weekend against stoke straight. Again we are showing the rest what we are capable “we always get what we want” sorry for liverbool but yu need to learn how deals supposed to be done!

  6. Chelsea buy him, let him shine in a cup games and a few easy league games then sell him a year from now for 5-10 mil profit.

  7. Basel accepted Chelsea’s bid that met their valuation. Liverpool did not meet what Basel wanted for Salah. This is not about Salah choosing more money but his only choice was saying he wouldn’t move to Chelsea after Chelsea’s bid was accepted. Why would he do that? To continue playing in a league that is inferior to the EPL? Joining one of the top clubs in the world for a 21-year old is ver enticing. He may not play as much but he will have time to improve his game playing with the likes of Oscar, Hazard and company.

    Chelsea prevented Liverpool from getting a player that would have improved Liverpool. They also got a player that could be sold later for a profit. Win-win for Chelsea.

    This episode says more about Liverpool’s negotiating strategy or lack thereof. The same thing happened in the summer with a couple fo players who chose other clubs because Liver[pool were not prepared to pay what the other club wanted.

    1. Not quite. He was originally on offer for around £7m and Basel had no problems selling to Liverpool until it transpired the interest from Chelsea was stepping up. Basel sensing a bidding war, took it for what they could which is why Chelsea will end up paying anywhere up to £16m with add-ons. For £11m he’d still be worth a punt but £16m? Not so sure. That’s an expensive bit of kit to sit on the Chelsea bench, but it’s depth.

      It is to do with the player and agent wanting more money. If it was purely based on opportunities in the first team squad, Liverpool was his best choice. Chelsea are simply stockpiling yet another player for even more depth of squad.

      I don’t think FSG set-up Ian Ayre to prevail in negotiations as well as they could – granted – but it’s not quite as clear cut as that and that alone.

      1. Actually, Basel wanted at least around 12 million and Liverpool made an offer of 8 million because that’s what they thought he was worth.

        Chelsea only joined in the bidding when Basel would not accept Liverpool’s bid and Chelsea were prepared to pay 11 million plus add-ons that could reach 16 million. It’s a case of Liverpool not wanting to pay more than a certain amount and Chelsea meeting Basel’s valuation.

      2. Liverpool could not reach an agreement with Basel concerning a price. They did agree terms with the player, according to reports. When Chelsea made a bid that was accepted by Basel then Liverpool could do nothing except match or beat Chelsea’s bid and Liverpool chose not to do so.

        Liverpool have a history of haggling over price only to be beaten out by another club. This began with the Dempsey affair, continued with the Willian and Mikatryain (sp) affairs in the summer and now this. There’s a pattern here.

    1. Yeah it’s 25. They’re doing fine on that front. FFP is also beginning to play a part too. One out… one in. Carefully thought out moves. Clever.

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