Juan Mata Move to Manchester United Breaks Two Unwritten Rules Of Football Transfers

The potential sale of Juan Mata for a reported £40 million from Chelsea to Manchester United is shocking. It breaks two unwritten rules in football transfer dealings, and could be made by a manager in Jose Mourinho who doesn’t make transfer errors very often.

The two unwritten rules are:

1-      Never sell a player to a rival club,

2-      Never sell a player of Mata’s quality in January if you are in a title race

Jose Mourinho may be thinking tactically short-term though. Title rivals Arsenal and Manchester City still must face Manchester United in the league this season while Chelsea do not face the reigning champions again. Potentially strengthening United at this point when the margin is so thin between the top three clubs in the league is a tactical move by Mourinho.

Certainly the sale of Mata to a rival club does not make much long-term sense for Chelsea as he could provide the impetus for a revival by Manchester United in time for next season’s title race. Two seasons ago, Chelsea discarded Yossi Benayoun — deeming him surplus to requirement — spent a season on loan at Arsenal. Towards the end of the season with both the Gunners and Chelsea fighting for a Champions League spot, Benayoun played a key role in several Arsenal victories. The Gunners finished 3rd while the Blues finished 6th, only achieving Champions League football thanks to the dramatic victory in Munich.

While Chelsea did not pay for the foolishness of loaning Benayoun to a rival club, they should have been considering they ended up finishing three places behind Arsenal in the table. It was the type of mistake  I assumed Chelsea would not repeat. In the case of Mata, it is unlikely to hurt them this season, but if they sell him outright to Manchester United, it could very well harm them in the longer term.

For Manchester United, this potential deal makes plenty of sense. Sure £40 million would top the transfer record for any non-London club in English football, but Mata is desperate to play in order to claim a spot on Spain’s World Cup team. Furthermore, United is full of bad vibes and negativity right now. Much like the arrival of Mesut Özil lifted the sagging spirit among Arsenal supporters, Mata’s arrival is likely to do the same for United.

In addition, acquiring Mata will make it easier to part with Wayne Rooney if the Englishman continues to avoid signing a new contract with the club. Rooney is one of the world’s finest footballers when fit, but in between his spells of petulance, injuries and his advancing age, Mata’s addition will make it much easier to sell him on.

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12 thoughts on “Juan Mata Move to Manchester United Breaks Two Unwritten Rules Of Football Transfers”

  1. Is #2 an unwritten rule or did you just make it up as you were typing? Jose has got no use for Mata so whether he sells him now or not, he won’t be using him anyway. He may as well cash in and get £40m instead of having the player unhappy at the club and sitting on the bench.

    Still don’t think Mata is what they need though. He’s not going to get them top 4 on his own.

  2. It seems like a lot of money, but I’d welcome it as a United fan. I think Mata is a fabulous football player. Plus, I think the market is changed. If you won’t buy a few players in the £40-100MM range, you’re competing for 4th place and if you get into Champions League, you’re not going to win against Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern, etc.

    £25MM gets you the Fellaini’s of the world. He’s a nice player and a team full of Fellaini’s will never flirt with relegation and sometimes, when those types of players all sync-up in terms of age and the manager gets them to play well, you might finish 3rd. But, if you want to sit at the big boys table, you have to spend money. That’s what Arsenal did when they bought Ozil.

    Plus….the psychological impact could be huge. It might even make Rooney want to stay. Right now he switches the ball to Valencia who hits a cross to nobody or gets his cross blocked. Now he can switch the ball to Mata and something cool might happen.

  3. So this is another stupiditi coming from Mourinho.

    After the exit of Juan Mata The moron
    of Mourinho believes other Chelsea players want to be close to
    him…..mistake Moronho, at the first opportunity players like Luis,
    Hazard, Azpilcueta, even Oscar will be leaving because nobody will
    forgot u are responsible for the exit of a really talented and nice
    player like Mata.

  4. I think the author vastly overstated the impact of Benayoun at Arsenal. To compare him to Juan Mata makes no sense considering Chelsea wasn’t even in a title fight during the period the author mentions.

    As such one of his own rules can’t even apply to his own example.

    Mata won’t go because he’s cup tied and United are likely to finish out of the CL this season. He’s better off staying and leaving at the end of the season, to whomever will give the best offer.

  5. I don’t care how much a player might cost or if Utd pay too much. That problem is for the owners and the boardroom. No-one is complaining how much Arsenal, Man City or Chelsea spent because they’re at the top of the league. I care that they are competitive on a Saturday and have decent players. The last I checked, I don’t pay any more money to watch Man Utd on the telly because they paid 27 mil for Fellaini or might pay 37 for Mata.

  6. Mourinho did that During his first spell at Chelsea wen he let robben leave an we atlast enjoyed that. Mourinho has always being good at what he dose.free the manager

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