Real Madrid Prepare Summer Bid For Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney: Nightly Soccer Report

For the second day in a row, The Daily Telegraph newspaper is reporting another major transfer news story that may have little to no basis in fact. Yesterday, the paper reported that Manchester United were preparing to bid for Juan Mata. As a result, the other British tabloids and media jumped on the Mata-to-United bandwagon. And now tonight (or Wednesday morning’s Telegraph, to be exact), the paper writes that Real Madrid are lining up a bid for Wayne Rooney to join the Galacticos this summer.

What do both of these transfer gossip stories have in common? Manchester United. The club, despite their league woes, still helps sell tabloid newspapers. And hats off need to go to The Telegraph‘s graphic designers for creating beautifully designed back pages for two days in a row that make the stories seem more believable.

Another interesting facet of the gossip stories this week is the tactic used by The Daily Telegraph of inserting _______ (insert club name) is “preparing a bid for _______” (insert star footballer). By stating that a club is “preparing a bid,” it piques people’s interest but offers a safe “landing” if a bid never materializes.

Meanwhile, does Real Madrid even want or need Rooney??

Based on The Telegraph‘s “X is preparing a bid for Y,” maybe more journalists should try this tactic? Did you know, for example, that World Soccer Talk is preparing a bid for Zonal Marking?

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9 thoughts on “Real Madrid Prepare Summer Bid For Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. I doubt it. This seems more like Rooney’s people putting out stories again. Only two teams realistically would bid for Rooney: PSG or Chelsea.

    Real Madrid would rather go for Suarez. Not only is Suarez more expensive but he’s also the superior player.

  2. Looks like the Juan Mata move from Chelsea to Manchester United is looking more probablu with some papers reporting tonight that a provisional £40million deal is in place. We’ll find out between now and Saturday how real the reports are. While the Mata one may be more legit, the Real Madrid one is a joke in my opinion.

  3. Are there any legitimately reliable places for transfer rumors? Every transfer window, it seems like just about every rumor is completely bogus. Is it just that soccer teams are more secretive than other sports’ teams so papers and websites are forced to just speculate to get page views?

      1. In regards to your original question, it’s a combination of things. Sometimes the papers are just printing stories based on bits of information they may hear or are fed to them by agents, so it’s difficult to ascertain really how reliable that information is. Sometimes the reporters have solid info but they want to protect their sources and will publish stories that sound plausible but contain no quotes.

        But oftentimes, one paper will run a story (whether it’s true or not), and everyone else will regurgitate the news as fact until the story becomes true, fizzles out or is denied by the club, manager, agent or player.

        To figure out what stories are legit and which ones are based on little to no facts is very difficult.

        Here’s one source that can help a little:

        Transfer Rumour accuracy

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