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Is This Liverpool’s Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season? [PHOTO]

liverpool 2014 15 away shirt Is This Liverpools Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season? [PHOTO]

Earlier this month, we brought you a design of what appears to be Liverpool’s home shirt for the 2014/15 season. And now a new image has appeared from the same source that previews what many believe to be the design of Liverpool’s away shirt for next season.

While Liverpool’s home shirt for next season is straightforward, the design of the Liverpool away shirt is a little more creative with a red stripe running across the upper chest of the shirt. Designed by Warrior, Liverpool’s away shirt will return to the yellow color that is familiar to many Liverpool supporters.

Liverpool first wore a yellow away shirt in 1966 in Europe, but the Anfield club’s yellow kits from 1979-1987 are more memorable. During those years, Liverpool’s yellow kit was used as a third kit as well as a away kit during many of the years when Liverpool ruled Europe.

The new design by Warrior is far better than the current crop of Liverpool away and third shirt designs.

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4 Responses to Is This Liverpool’s Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season? [PHOTO]

  1. Jamieru says:

    The sooner Adidas, Nike, or whomever is in charge of perhaps the most icon football club in the world the better. The Warrior era will then be just a skidmark in all our memories.

    • Paul says:

      They haven’t exactly done the best job have they. Still, it’s nice to be going back to yellow for the away kit so at least Warrior are going in the right direction on that front. Much prefer the home kit for next season though.

    • Fernando says:

      Considering neither Adidas or Nike wanted to be in charge of making their shirts, not really sure they had much choice.

  2. Patrick says:

    “The new design by Warrior is far better than the current crop of Liverpool away and third shirt designs.”

    -The bar wasn’t set very hi last year…

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