David Moyes And Manchester United Need A Wembley Final

Sometimes the best thing that can happen after a team loses a match is to play another one shortly thereafter. Manchester United has that luxury on Wednesday night when Sunderland arrives at Old Trafford to face United in the second leg of their Capital One Cup semi-final; the Black Cats hold a 2-1 advantage from their first leg victory at the Stadium of Light.

“We are giving everything at the minute but it’s just not going our way,” Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick said. “If we all stick together, I am sure it will turn soon. We want to play again as quickly as possible and Wednesday is another big game.”

Yes, of the major trophies a club could win over the course of a season, the League Cup is arguably low or last on the list of achievements behind the FA Cup, Europa League, Premier League and Champions League titles.

But what Wednesday night represents to Manchester United is a chance to advance to a cup final at Wembley Stadium. With the team low on confidence and belief, David Moyes and Manchester United need a Wembley final.

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“It is an opportunity to get to a final. You can’t take that lightly and the fans have been unbelievable over the last month or so especially,” said Michael Carrick.

Should United progress past Sunderland on Wednesday, their likely opponent at Wembley will be Manchester City, barring a catastrophy in City’s return leg against West Ham United.

A Manchester derby will guarantee a sold out Wembley Stadium for the Capital One Cup final.

Regardless of the ‘importance’ of the League Cup, when both teams walk out on to the pitch in front of 90,000 fans, with half of the supporters in red and the others in sky blue, the event will take on enormous significance. The roar at the stadium on March 2nd will leave no doubt that this League Cup final is a ‘big’ game.

The talk around Manchester City is that they are lining up to do the ‘quadruple’. No club has won the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup in one season. But City manager Manuel Pellegrini has not ruled out his club’s chance of doing it during his first season in charge.

“It’s difficult [to win all four] but we’ll try,” the 60-year-old Chilean said recently. “It’s important to have the mentality.”

And what better way to start their run towards the quadruple then by beating their city rival in the League Cup final and thus inflicting further pain on United and their supporters.

On the other hand, Manchester United would enter the League Cup final as underdogs for the first time in recent history.

Before the season started, if you were asked who would win a matchup between the two Manchester clubs, the answer would have probably been split down the middle, or very close to half-and-half.

But after Manchester City’s 4-1 demolition of United at the Etihad in September and their continued offensive onslaught of Premier League opponents, the pendulum of pubic opinion would have to swing in City’s favor leading into an all-Manchester final.

So David Moyes and Manchester United would have the weight of expectation lifted from their shoulders. All of the pressure would be on Manchester City to perform and for Pellegrini to obtain his first trophy at the club.

Of course people will say that David Moyes will need to find a way to beat Manchester City and win a trophy during his first season at the club; even if it’s the League Cup. But if the final whistle blows and Manchester City lift the Capital One Cup, would anyone really be surprised? City has the best squad in England and one of the best in Europe. Manchester United is an aging, underperforming side who has been struggling under their new manager in the league.

But fan and public opinion play very little part on what goes on during a match. When the whistle blows to start the match, Manchester United and Manchester City aren’t going to care who is favored to win and who isn’t. Both sets of players will be focused on beating the other and each manager will be trying to outmaneuver his counterpart. Past results may creep into their head for a moment, but the event and what is transpiring in front of them will take over and they will be fully focused on winning the cup.

That’s why a Wembley final could be just what Manchester United need to galvanize the club.

The risk of meeting City in the final and creating a monumental upset would give Manchester United supporters something else to sing about, it would also give David Moyes the confidence of winning a trophy (sorry, Community Shield doesn’t really count). It would give the team an obtainable goal to focus on for 90 minutes. United’s players will be doing everything in their collective power to be the ones walking up the stairs at Wembley to lift the League Cup trophy.

The buildup and magnitude of an all-Manchester cup final would unify everyone involved at Manchester United. The club needs to find a way to get past Sunderland on Wednesday night and advance to the Wembley final.

For those who have witnessed Wembley finals, you know what to expect, they are a spectacle to behold. And for the others who have seen recent meetings between the Manchester Clubs at Wembley during the FA Cup and Community Shields, you know what to expect.

The noise at the stadium that day will be enormous. The color and the pageantry of the event will be breathtaking and memorable. Something about the occasion transcends sport, almost turning it into a fairy tale.

A Manchester Derby at English football’s biggest venue.

David Moyes and Manchester United need a Wembley final.

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13 thoughts on “David Moyes And Manchester United Need A Wembley Final”

  1. You’re missing the fact that this final would be against Man City, and what we don’t need is a massacre against them.

  2. But you are forgetting the most important point, Man United could win the League Cup and make it into the Europa League (while still finishing 7th)!!!


  3. This is 2014.

    Champions League or Bust.

    I would not be surprised if Man Utd were to “tank” on Wednesday in order to avoid fixture congestion.

  4. As soon as I saw the headline, the first thought that popped into my head was ‘…but there will be nothing more demoralising than getting slaughtered in said final by an all firing City side’.

    1. I just read Neville’s article. First thing he says is that losing to Sunderland would be a massive dent in Man United’s season. He went on to say that they need the League Cup in order to salvage their season and it is a realistic goal.

  5. United fans are a funny lot. I guess you should only play the matches you’re favored to win.

    Anything can happen in one match.

  6. Why do you always write these sensationalist pro- Moyes articles? You have no logical reasons to keep him as manager yet every week it’s oh if United beat then their season will be back on track. Every time we win under Moyes you write some shit about us turning a corner I mean Wtf is this? You have no basis for defending Moyes or any actual points besides stability. I’ll show you stability here are our finishes in the table at the end of each month October – 8th November – 8th December – 7th and January – 7th currently 1 point above Newcastle. That’s a damn joke. You make it seem like Rooney and Rvp are the whole team. If we lost every single player that’s not Rvp or Rooney to injure I’m sure the team would be just fine because those 2 are the only players that matter and they were both on the pitch when we played Chelsea at home and couldn’t score on them. Every time you slab off the fans saying we have no faith but how can I show any faith to a guy who repeatedly starts Young and Valencia after there continuous inept performances (especially Valencia) and sounds like an even bigger idiot press conference after press conference. If we were in 1st you’d be singing his praises but because we are in 7th the narrative is the players let him down. When you select the same XI everybgame poor performance after poor performance how does he expect to get results? He played an unfit Rooney againstbSpurs and it cost us with him aggravating his injury. He played an unfit Jones over Fletcher who’s been our best player after Januzaj since he’s come back. He left Fletcher on the bench against Spurs and did the same thing Sunday and for a guy who hasn’t played in a month and isn’t a midfielder at all. He makes the same mistakes every game their is no evolution from Moyes but regression every game. He is mediocre but I probably shouldn’t say that because any time you question Moyes your either disloyal or a glory hunter etc. He has no credentials besides being Scottish and he’s stabilized the club in midtable so I’ll give you the stability trait for which he was chosen for. The team is better than this and if the manager can’t get the players to play for him or can’t the maximum effort out of them he needs to go. It’s not like we have a squad full of John Terrys for Christ’s sake. You’ve defended his decision of sacking off the staff because he needed to start with his own guys. He upset Rvp and co. When they go from having one of the best coaches in the world in Rene Meulensteen to Steve Round and Jimmy Lumsden. I’ve never heard anyone praise those two for anything substantial to coaching. Rene is one of the best in the game and you push him out for 2 second rate Muppets and Steve Round said Fellaini would be one of our best players and he’s a world class talent and he called Fellaini a young player. Marouane Fellaini is 26 now and at the time of the statement I belive 25 he’s in his prime and is in his mid twenties so how does that constitute as young. Back to Rene now. Giggsy says he credits him with extending the life of his career and also Rene is the one credited with revamping the youth system and making players more technical and many of our players have praised his training sessions calling them cutting edge and they enjoy them. Who has ever singled out Steve Round or Jimmy Lumsden for as much praise as Rene? Onto the GK coach Eric Steele why fire Eric who is widely regarded as the best in the business and he put Joe Hart on the map so see Harts dip in form correlated to him leaving City. Who is Chris Woods? Tim Howard has steadily gotten worse over the past few years and hasn’t been great yet De gea has surpassed him in every facet of the game so why fire his coach who David was quirlte emotionally invested in and he and Steele had a great personal relationship. It makes no sense to fire the guy who’s made De gea a very good keeper and should be in the Spain squad for a guy who’s GK in Tim Howard has been declining and supposedly a keeper reaches his peak potential in his late Twenties early thirties. De gea was very upset about this and Big save Dave is as soft as they come and so far the change hasn’t affected him but farther down the road we will see. When you walk into Carrington expecting see SAF only to see Moyes is highly underwhelming in itself but to go from Rene to Jimmy Crocker and Steve Who is a complete farce. That’s on Moyes as far as I’m concerned and if I were a player of asking him if he’s taking the piss bringing those 2 in. I forgot Phil Neville. He may be a red but knows nothing about coaching and has no coaching badges or experience. Anyone that calls Marouane Fellaini a world class footballer is a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously when it comes to discussing football. Had he signed up the other Neville I would ha e no problem at all. Not to mention England brought in Gary as a defensive coach meanwhile noone ever looked at Phil. This makes Moyes lose his credibility to me. If ENGLAND don’t want him why is he good enough for Manchester United? He also said during the transfer window that we didn’t need any players because we were the reigning Barclays Premier league Champions yet 2 months later in October he makes a statement saying we aren’t good enough to win the Champions League and are 5-6 WORLD CLASS. Players short of the UCL. That is what turns fans off when he makes statements like that.

  7. Seriously, this Peter guy needs to drop this hope and optimism crap that you keep spewing. We lost to Sunderland 2-1 at home. If we beat them away, it will be a miracle. Then you have City to contend with that already beat us 4-1 this season. Stop the delusions of grandeur. We’re toast with Moyes at the helm.

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