Manchester United Put US Summer Tour Plans On Hold, Says Report

Plans for Manchester United’s tour of the United States this summer for a series of friendlies in mid-July could be disrupted if the Red Devils fail to qualify for the UEFA Champions League and have to play in the early rounds of UEFA Europa League qualification, depending on where the club finishes in the league this season.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reports that Manchester United were planning to tour the States this summer as part of their lucrative sponsorship deal with Chevrolet. However, the plans have been put on hold until the club has a better indication of whether United will qualify for the UEFA Champions League or not.

If United finishes higher up the table by the end of the season, Manchester United could qualify for either the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League. If the club qualifies for the UEFA Europa League via its league place, it’ll enter the Playoff round in August, which will give United time to tour the States in July. However, if United fail to qualify for the Champions League or Europa League, but qualify via being the winner of the Capital One Cup, United would have to play a qualification match in the Europa League on July 31 — thus ruining their plans for a summer tour.

If United does find a way to qualify for the UEFA Champions League or Europa League via the league, it’s possible that the Red Devils could play Bayern Munich in the States as part of their tour this summer.

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5 thoughts on “Manchester United Put US Summer Tour Plans On Hold, Says Report”

    1. Don’t worry we can just check with the Spurs front office for flights out of the UK on Thursdays nights as they should have the schedule memorized by now,

      1. We do, If the PE teacher answers singing 2-1 we Utd 2-1 repeatedly for about 10 minutes just hang ion there…let him get it out of his system.

        no doubt you’ll be on thursday instead of us while we take your champions league spot.

        Thanks for the 4pts this season to to help that out by the way. two seasons in a row we’ve taken 3pts off you now.


  1. As a United fan, I can even see the humor in this. They’ve probably been able to plan their summers so easily for the last ~15 years because they know the schedules. Someone probably had to get out the rulebook to investigate the Europa League schedule.

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