Manchester United Prepare to Make Record £37million Bid for Juan Mata: Nightly Soccer Report

Tomorrow morning’s British tabloids are jumping on the transfer gossip that Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata may be heading to Manchester United in a £37million deal. The Daily Telegraph has the exclusive. Meanwhile, the competition is trying not to get outdone, so they’ve added their own twist. The Daily Mirror says Manchester United deny the deal is onThe Daily Mail says Chelsea wants £40million to seal the deal, while Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville says he doesn’t see Mata fitting United’s philosophy.

While Manchester United are far less a competitor to Chelsea this season, I still don’t see this deal happening and I believe it’s just gossip trash to try to sell more newspapers during the transfer window. United may not be a threat this Premier League season, but selling Mata to United could come back to haunt Chelsea next season.

I could be wrong, but I just don’t see the deal happening unless United was willing to swap a star player to Jose Mourinho’s side, and I don’t see United giving up Wayne Rooney. The Daily Telegraph reporter admits that United haven’t made a bid yet, but that there is interest between both parties. I just don’t see this deal happening. Tt’s very speculative at the moment.

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17 thoughts on “Manchester United Prepare to Make Record £37million Bid for Juan Mata: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. I think Mata is a solid acquisition for Utd. The formation can be changed to 4-1-3-2. Roo and Rvp up top. Adnan, Mata, and Nani. Carrick in front of the back line, or Phil depending on the opponet. Rafa, Smalling, Evans, and Pat. I still think Pat and Smalling would be weaknesses but this lineup seems a bit stronger than what the current line-ups have been.

    1. The same formation we get over run with in real life not Fifa. A 4-1-3-2 with a midfield as crap as ours with Mata Adnan Nani Rooney and Rvp playing is asking to get hammered. Remember the last world cup where Maradonna went up against Germany with no defenders and had like 6-7 attacking players on the pitch with 3 incredibly slow CBs thats suicide at the highest level.We concede at least 2 goals every for the rest of the season with that formation

  2. Man U could have signed Michael Bradley for 1/5th the price.


    Seriously, I do not know why Chelsea placed a £40M price tag on someone who hasn’t had much playing time this season nor without a plan on giving him such ahead of the World Cup.

    I thought £37M is a pretty good start from Man U, but I think since Mata will eventually be in the starting XI for Spain, Barcelona or Real Madrid should pursue him.

    1. Agreed. Chelsea want Rooney and if United want Mata it’s the perfect bargaining tool. No Rooney = no deal and they ship Mata off abroad instead.

  3. Bit far fetched IMO. Depending on what you read, United are willing to sanction a £27m bid… if true, yet again they’ll find that chasing a player they’ve got no hope of landing with under valued bids is going to do nothing but waste the valuable time they have and need in this window.

    Other reports suggest Chelsea wouldn’t offload Mata for less than £40m so as usual we know as much about it now as we knew last week.. i.e. not a lot! Chelsea wouldn’t sell to United unless they’ve tabled a deal for Rooney to go the other way… just can’t see it any other way if there was an ounce of truth in it (which I don’t think there is!).

    IMO if there’s going to be any movement at United with big money moves, it’s going to be in the summer after their position for the following season is clear… in other words, once people know if CL football is guaranteed or not.

  4. Ordinarily Chelsea would not sell to a direct rival but with United out of the title race they might sell if they can make a decent profit and beneft if United can get results against Arsenal and City. Gives Chelsea an edge.

    As for United that’s a hefty sum for a player that plays best where Rooney plays. So where will Mata play? Unless United are looking at the possibility that Rooney will leave in the summer and Mata is really his replacement with the added benefit that he would have had a half season at United to blend in. Then it makes sense.

  5. United or Liverpool make the most sense. Ideally I would like to think going to Spain to try and get on the world cup team. But for Barca he wouldn’t get on the field. Maybe Madrid, but they were shopping Di Maria and Coentrão to pay for Bale. So unless there is some sort of swap, I don’t think that will happen. Atleti would be a great, but doubtful there are spending that much money. So unless Monaco or PSG steps in with a big bid I would think United (or maybe Liverpool).

    1. Liverpool won’t pay the 40 million Chelsea want for him even if it is to another English club. The owners, FSG, would never sanction paying so much for one player.

      Mata would definitely make Liverpool better but right now Liverpool have other pressing needs, full-back and defensive midfielder. They are also interested in Salah who is an offensive midfielder but whose price tag is much lower and can be bought for closer to 10 million.

      Don’t forget that the player’s wages has to be factored in as well.

      1. Yea, agreed.. I was thinking more along the lines of Liverpool could afford it, and it would benefit them, not really that they would. At that price, there just aren’t many places he could go that also have a need.

  6. Mata will go to PSG or Monaco or Barca before Man Utd. With Kagawa, Rooney why buy another no:10? makes no sense.

    Cabaye makes sense for Utd.

  7. Cabaye is likely going to end up at PSG, which, to be fair, is a much more attractive destination for a player like him than (Manchester) United is at the moment. PSG is also has the financial backing to outbid other suiters for the French midfielder.

    Probably after the World Cup, but possibly before this window closes.

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