Chelsea Take Control of the Premier League Title Race

A quick glance at the Premier League table shows Chelsea sitting in third position behind Arsenal and Manchester City. But a closer look at the remaining fixtures tells us that the Blues are actually in pole position to win the league.

Chelsea’s remaining schedule features home matches against:

• Arsenal,
• Tottenham,
• Everton and
• Newcastle United

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s away matches include trips to:

• Manchester City, and
• Liverpool.

By comparison, Manchester City face every difficult remaining opponent away from the Etihad with the exception of Chelsea. As for Arsenal, they face a balanced remaining schedule but do have to travel to Stamford Bridge and across London to White Hart Lane in what will be difficult encounters.

Jose Mourinho has never lost a home match in the league as Chelsea boss. Recently he reiterated how easy it is to win at home if you are not under any obligation to play stylish and attractive football.

“If I want to win 1-0, I think I can.

One of the easiest things in football is to win 1-0. You structure your team from the back, you organize your team from the defensive idea, you don’t give freedom to your players to express themselves.”

While Mourinho has allowed Chelsea to express themselves more in attack since the December 29 victory over Liverpool, as the title becomes nearer I would fully expect the Chelsea manager to revert to his instincts and play for results in tougher matches. The looming trips to Anfield and the Etihad are perfect opportunities to “park the bus,” and the quickness with which the Blues are moving the ball on the counter-attack thanks to Eden Hazard and Willian may give Chelsea a slight edge to gain the full three points in both matches.

Certainly a lot of English football is left to be played this season but Chelsea must be established as a clear favorite right now. No question that Manchester City and Arsenal’s form have been outstanding in recent weeks, but both clubs face more daunting remaining obstacles, more serious injury concerns and less experience in winning trophies than Chelsea.

From a neutral’s perspective, Chelsea beginning to drop points at home would be a good thing as then Mourinho will be forced to aggressively chase matches away from Stamford Bridge. But right now the season is playing out the way The Special One would have hoped despite his often negative and self-loathing commentary, which oftentimes is in fact simply mind games to wind up the opposition.

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22 thoughts on “Chelsea Take Control of the Premier League Title Race”

  1. Too early to make such a proclamation. Yeah Arsenal may falter due to injuries and for now not being as deep as City who have a better chance of taking the points with the roster they have. And the thing about streaks; they all come to an end at some point. So I would say they are in the running but not taking control by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Trailing both Arsenal and City with 16 games to go, and with a massively inferior goal difference to the real favorites, Chelsea have not exactly taken control. Stupid headline followed by gibberish to back it up.

    1. One of the few times I will agree with Kartik. Even though goals up front is still a problem, if I had to bet my house, I would pick Chelsea for the league.. Mourinho is slowly stamping his authority on his club. Arsenal will find a way to bottle it and Man City will still drop points away from home.

  3. I hate Chelsea, but I did pick them to win the PL title at the start of this season. My reasoning: too much quality in the squad + the Jose factor. And here they are, nipping at the heels of Arsenal and Manchester City. Won’t be long till there in first place.


    1. Yeah I agree, although for footballs sake I hope Citeh or Arsenal or someone besides zzzzzzzz Chelski & hypocritical Mourinho win it… (but I bet he does)

  4. Sorry, have I missed something here? Are the team TOP of the Premier League a figment of my imagination?

    What a lazy herd mentality uninspired article this is.

    Get a brain and an opinion of your own.

    1. Dexter- lazy? Calling the third place team title favorites is not lazy. Picking the current leaders because they are the current leaders is lazy

    1. Was thinking the same when i saw the part about self-loathing and negative commentary. Thats how Kartik talks about City.

      1. I think he is just being realistic, Chelsea have a deeper squad and easier run of fixtures. Hopefully, at the of the season, I will be wrong and city will celebrating the title.

  5. I’ve never been one to jump on bandwagons but I have to agree with the general consensus here. The past few times I’ve read one of your articles it’s as if you just shut your eyes and type away without a clue what’s coming out. Utter nonsense.

  6. I agree, Kartik. They are turning it on, and they have the fixtures on their side, too.

    As an Arsenal supporter, I am really struggling to come to terms that we will not win the title. If we can take 3 from Citeh at The Emirates, and a point at Stamford Bridge, we have a shot. Those are tough calls, though.

  7. “Chelsea Take Control of the Premier League Title Race”

    Looks at table. I believe the two teams above them are more in control. but hey. sounds good. write whatever title the way you want to make you look ridiculous

  8. As a city fan I hate to admit the author is probably right. Those early road loses by city will probably give Chelsea the title. As for Arsenal, I don’t believe they have the striking opitions necessary to win the title.

  9. Revert to his instincts? Do you mean Mourinho winning?

    Park the bus? Chelsea have scored as many goals as the attacking darlings of Arsenal.

    This article makes some curious opinions.

  10. No doubt about it Chelsea are favs. Jose will continue to get the better of Wenger at SB. City will likely beat Chelsea at Ethiad but they will drop away points for Chelsea to take advantage.

  11. I dont know why teams play into Mourinhos hands and attack and let his side sit back and hit them on the break, especially when theyre visiting Stamford Bridge.. They should sit back, play for a clean sheet and then hit Chelsea on the break with only 3/4 players breakin and everyone else staying back like Mourinho does. Make his side come out and play

  12. It’s just a ‘mata’ of time before Chelsea take full control..with additional quality from Matic and Salah’s arrival…u are spot on MAN!

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