Update On Availability of Premier League Extra Time On AT&T U-Verse

Subscribers to AT&T U-Verse who were frustrated last week that none of the Premier League Extra Times games were available on television can breathe a sigh of relief regarding this weekend’s matches.

The matches featuring Manchester City vs Cardiff, West Ham United against Newcastle, Norwich versus Hull and Crystal Palace vs Stoke should all be available on AT&T U-Verse between 10am-Noon on Saturday. All of the games are listed in the AT&T U-Verse TV guide, and although there has been no confirmation from AT&T U-Verse, NBC said earlier this week that “we expect Extra Time will be back on U-verse for its next slate of games.”

AT&T U-Verse was reached for comment regarding the outage last week but didn’t respond to our repeated attempts to determine what the issue was. We can only estimate that the outage by AT&T U-Verse was a technical glitch.

For the latest schedule of soccer matches on AT&T U-Verse and US television/Internet, visit our soccer TV schedules page.

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