Shirt Sponsor Threatens to Axe West Brom Deal Over Nicolas Anelka Salute: Daily Soccer Report

West Bromwich Albion’s shirt sponsor has threatened to immediately axe their deal with the club if Nicolas Anelka plays against Everton on Monday night, according to a report by industry publication MarketingWeek.

The initial controversy erupted after Anelka made the salute, which is a reverse Nazi symbol, in the match against West Ham United. Anelka said he made the salute as a gesture to his friend, who just so happens to be a known anti-semitic comedian. The salute angered many Jewish people around the globe, particularly in France.

West Brom’s shirt sponsor Zoopla is co-owned by a Jewish businessman. The company’s shirt deal with West Brom ends at the end of this season, but West Brom have reportedly been looking into securing a temporary shirt sponsor if Zoopla carries through with its threat.

The FA are continuing to investigate the gesture and an announcement regarding the investigation isn’t expected until early next week. However, it may be too late by then to save their sponsor from abandoning the club.

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