Arsenal Executive: “We Can’t Compete Against a (Nation State Like Man City)”: Nightly Soccer Report

An Arsenal executive took a shot at Manchester City on Wednesday by saying that the club can’t compete against Manchester City because they have the financial resources of a nation state.

Manchester City are owned by Sheikh Mansour, who is a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Mansour has poured more than £1.5billion into the club since he acquired Manchester City five years ago.

While City is owned by Sheikh Mansour, Arsenal’s majority share holder is American billionaire Stan Kroenke. The American’s riches are not trivial by any means (he has a $5.3billion net worth) but they do pale in comparison to the wealth of Mansour and his family.

Arsenal chief commercial officer Tom Fox said:

“You can’t compete against that. We’re a football club in London and we are a global brand, but we would never try to compete against the financial resources of a country.

“I just don’t think that’s a very realistic thing for us to do … trying to chase those types of owners. Obviously it’s just not possible.

“We are competing against oligarchs (Roman Abramovich at Chelsea), we are competing against nation states, we are competing against clubs all across Europe that have sources of funding that are significant, that make it very difficult for us to compete.”

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13 thoughts on “Arsenal Executive: “We Can’t Compete Against a (Nation State Like Man City)”: Nightly Soccer Report”

      1. It isn’t true because $5.3 billion IS enough to compete. He’s just covering Arsenal’s backside for when it goes tits up. It isn’t true because City are not owned by a nation state.

        1. Why would any sane person sink over a third of their net worth into a football club?

          Sheikh Mansour is worth over 30 billion not counting his country’s coffers which he has free access to.

          Arsenal can’t compete w with a country. It’s simple common sense.

          1. City are owned by an individual, not a country.Whether an individual would put a third of their net wealth into a club is not the issue. The ability to do it is the issue. Arsenal’s board have the means to compete with anyone. Whether they choose to do that is another matter entirely.

  1. What a useless owner. “£5.3 million”him self alone and he can’t compete those guys he mentioned. That is why arsenal fc are are way behind the other teams because owner like this is running the club.

  2. That 5.3 billion includes the St Louise Rams and the Denver Nuggets and lest we forget Arsenal FC.

    So Kronke would have to sell his American assets to raise enough cash to compete with Sheikh Mansour, who has no interest in making a profit on his footbal investments.

    1. Mansour likely bought Manchester City as a longterm investment. Eventually he plans on Man City being profitable, but at this point it doesnt matter. Apparently its part of Abu Dhabi Group’s plans to diversify in preparation for when its oil reserves pan out.

      1. Long term investment? Give your head a shake. This is no investment; it’s a rich man’s plaything.

        If he were to refuse to drop another penny into the club from today forward, it would take over a thousand years to recoup the expenditure. Actually, considering they’re still spending more than they’re recovering, it’s nearly impossible to put a timeline on ROI.

        And that’s if he stopped spending today. Odds of that happening?


  3. It boggles the mind when fans think an owner’s net worth equals to the amount of money the club they own have available to spend. Really? In what economic world is this even possibly a reality?

    I know some owners like the ones at Man City, Chelsea, PSG have made it seem club spending should be limitless and mindless spending but it ain’t and can never be allowed to be that way.

  4. Owner wealth and market cap are two different measuring sticks.

    I’m totally guessing, but MCFC has a ways to make it up to Arsenal in terms of overall value of the club.

    In the long run, is Arsenal going to be leaped frog’d by City b/c of easier access to capital? Probably.

  5. I could not speak intelligently as to who owns what and how much they have, but when you look at the wealth of clubs like the above mentioned City and also Manchester United it is upsetting to see. It is disheartening for football fans from the less wealthy clubs to see a report such as last week stating Moyes will get 200 million to rebuild his team. Where are these smaller teams to get their players to compete against such? I am an Arsenal fan and I saw a quote from another Arsenal fan last week that said ” Manchester United and Manchester City buy their trophies, everyone else competes for them.”. There is some truth to that.

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