Hull City Owner Vows to Quit If FA Rejects Tigers Name Change: Daily Soccer Report

Hull City owner Assem Allam has vowed to quit if The FA rejects his request to change of his football club from Hull City AFC to Hull Tigers.

Some supporters may be wishing that Allam follows through on his promise given the opposition not only from Hull City supporters but from the soccer fans around the world who support the campaign by City Till I Die to leave the club name intact.

“No one on earth is allowed to question my business decisions,” said Allam in an interview with Sky Sports. See the complete interview below.

This is another low-ball tactic by Allam to deliver an ultimatum to The FA and club supporters to have the name change passed, or he’ll walk away. If he does go, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of other investors lining up to buy the club and keep the club’s name instead of changing it for silly reasons.

Don’t forget that this is the same man who suggested that Manchester City change their name to Manchester Hunter. Seriously.

For soccer fans wishing to support the efforts of Hull City fans to keep their club name, visit their website for more information on how to donate.

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6 thoughts on “Hull City Owner Vows to Quit If FA Rejects Tigers Name Change: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. I have to side with the business owner on this issue. He bought the club, risked his capital and has every right to burn his loyal fan base. It's not smart to do this because a lot of fans will turn their back but it's his stupid decision to own.

    sorry Hull Tigers fans.

  2. “No one on earth is allowed to question my business decisions,” said Allam in an interview with Sky Sports.

    Uhhmm, Allam, meet the FA.

    To Total Relegation: I disagree, yes he is the owner and yes he put his hard earned money down, but you can not ignore the tradition of English football if it is to remain an icon of world sports.

  3. Am I the only one who seem a big fat HULL CITY TIGERS on the club's crest? What is this I hear that the owner is ruining the club's tradition? The club's tradition of calling themselves "Hull" and "Tigers" invariably?

    1. Pakapala

      Can you not see the difference between a nickname and the team name? Would you be happy for your friends, family and work colleagues started calling you Pakapala?

      The official crest says Hull City A.F.C and underneath it 'The Tigers'.
      There are now other versions about as Assem Allam attempted a soft rebranding before the fans caught on this summer. However that is still the officially acknowledged one.

  4. If the owner gets away with taking City out of the name, football will have finally reached the final phase it's its complete alienation of fans.

    Ppl quote various other changes through out footballs history like the woolwich Wanderersoving from south to north, from red to white & red, leeds changing their kit from yellow to white. There are more examples of change & football clubs, but for the most part the change has been without as much resistance. This hull situation is going against most hull fans wishes.


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