NBC Sports Provides Update On AT&T U-Verse Premier League Extra Time Issue

NBC Sports has issued a response in regards to the issues that impacted AT&T U-Verse customers today where they were unable to access the Premier League Extra Time channels.

“We expect Extra Time will be back on U-verse for its next slate of games next weekend (there are no Extra Time games tomorrow),” said a NBC Sports spokesperson.

Soccer fans throughout the United States who are AT&T U-Verse customers took to social media on Saturday to express their frustration that four Premier League games were not available to them on television, including Fulham against Sunderland, which featured Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey on the pitch. U-Verse customers were able to access NBC Sports Live Extra to watch the games online, but soccer fans had every right to be dissatisfied with AT&T U-Verse.

AT&T U-Verse was reached for comment on Saturday morning, but as of press time have not returned our e-mails or phone calls.

All other TV providers had no issues showing NBC’s Premier League Extra Time matches.

3 thoughts on “NBC Sports Provides Update On AT&T U-Verse Premier League Extra Time Issue”

    1. There were no reports of issues with Comcast. I would recommend checking with your local Comcast to see what’s the deal.

  1. I called up Uverse yesterday and talked to a rep for quite a while- trying to get her to understand the dynamics of how the extra time channels should be working was difficult. She said she would call me back when she found a resolution. She just called back right now (Sunday afternoon) to inquire if I was able to view the channels now (so she obviously didn’t get any closer to understanding how they work)… but, they will be working this coming Saturday morning, at least according to whatever entity in AT&T’s ministry of secrets she conferred with before calling me back today.

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